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  1. beautox

    5/8/21 Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City 6:10 PM CDT

    Yermin has been abandoning his 2 strike approach in certain situations.
  2. beautox

    That's a shutout in KC White Sox Winner

    The advanced stats and eye test are showing Andrew to be an above average left fielder, his k% has come down to a respectable level and he is above average in all facets of the game including base running. Let him off the leash and give him those ABs.
  3. beautox

    5/7: Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City 7:10 PM CDT

    WTF 20 seconds passed they can't review that to begin with and Perez pushed hamilton off the bag
  4. beautox

    GT 5/5: SOX at CIN

    Go get Bryan Reynolds from the pirates, works out long term is 26 and has no value for their window.
  5. beautox

    GT 5/5: SOX at CIN

    how is that not a swing? and how is he not struck out as it didn't hit the bat?!
  6. beautox

    GT 5/4: SOX at CIN

    Can cease have figured it out!??! that would be amazing
  7. Or maybe, just stay with me here. Boston caught a tell and TLR doesn't know how to manage a modern staff....really could be either.
  8. beautox

    The TLR Manager Thread

    We found Tony's burner
  9. beautox

    The TLR Manager Thread

    But hes a hall of fame baseball person, legit!
  10. beautox

    The TLR Manager Thread

    One more thing with regards to La Russa and Mercedes; this is the same man that thought Jose Canseco hanging out with Madonna was a good enough excuse for not being on time and let him in the line up that day, but Mercedes being late? nah lets keep Jake Lamb in with the bases jucied, another smooth brain play by our Hall of Famer Baseball Person; because he legit.
  11. beautox

    5/2 Chicago White Sox vs. Cleveland 1:10 PM

    I'm fine with Eaton getting a rest, hes struggled mightly and looked gimpy out there. As for lamb vs. mercedes...come on, give him a fine in kangaroo court and move on don't put lamb at DH.
  12. beautox

    The TLR Manager Thread

    I feel this haiku I wrote best describes the situation Hawk was vindicated La Russa is fucking trash Can the White Sox win?
  13. beautox

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Hawk was right to kick him to the curb. The game has passed this drunk fuck by. JR sticking it to the fans after we sat through the rebuild.
  14. beautox

    Indians @ Sox 5/1--3:00 Central

    TLR is a believer in "hard mode"
  15. beautox

    Indians @ Sox 5/1--3:00 Central

    to be fair Collins has been catching Rodon...;)