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  1. beautox


    Why is Vaughn a "no go" in right field, he has the arm for 3B and and shown he is below average but serviceable in LF. This is a franchise that had Jermaine Dye with a -30. defensive value in right field.
  2. beautox

    Fangraph's 2021 Trade Value Series

    Now that the series is complete. KG mentions in the comments at the very least Eloy should've been an HM. Moncada should've been on the list with the high point being similar to Cronenworth. Overall id rate the list a solid C.
  3. beautox

    The Eloy-Vaughn-Burger-Sheets Conundrum

    They're going to put him in the field but it will be limited to 1-2 times a week; even if its against the players wishes.
  4. beautox

    The Eloy-Vaughn-Burger-Sheets Conundrum

    I don't think the FO wants a repeat of last years post season and want to hedge as much as possible with regards to his health. I think he'll get 1-2 starts a week at most. NL will likely adopt the DH in the next CBA.
  5. beautox

    The Eloy-Vaughn-Burger-Sheets Conundrum

    Moss is a solid comp as well.
  6. beautox

    The Eloy-Vaughn-Burger-Sheets Conundrum

    I would love to see what the board thinks are realistic comps for Sheets? Personally I think his floor is flaming out and being a Daniel Palka type player and these are his good (Eric Hinske), better (Matt Joyce), and best (Kole Calhoun) situation in terms of similar age comps/players with God mode being Brian Giles. Hinske broke in at age 24 to a full season and ROY in Toronto, Joyce got a cup of coffee at 23 and extended look at 24 before settling in at 25 and both Calhoun and Giles got a cup of coffee at 24 and extended looks at 25. Sheets made his debut at 25 and 2 months.
  7. beautox

    7/21 Gamethread: Cease vs. Pineda, 7:10 PM

    bold prediction Sheets goes 3/3 with a nice defensive play.
  8. beautox

    Fangraph's 2021 Trade Value Series

    There are six sox included so far with honorable mentions; could be as high as 8 with Kopech and Jimenez.
  9. beautox

    Fangraph's 2021 Trade Value Series

    link #30 This high for a guy who’s struck out 30% of the time in his limited major league playing time? Well, yeah. Robert is one of the few players we didn’t move at all as we iterated our list. Everyone seemed pretty much fine with him around here, though he might have been in a very different spot if he hadn’t gotten hurt and had kept playing like he was early this season before tearing his hip flexor while running the bases. He’s one of the best outfield defenders in baseball, full stop, and at just 24 you can expect that to keep going. He’s also been an above-average hitter, even with a borderline-disastrous approach at the plate, because he just hits it that hard when he connects. I thought a lot about Robert’s value in relation to Trent Grisham’s while compiling this list. I initially had Grisham higher, but I understand why Robert could fetch more in trade. Grisham’s been better so far, and I like his approach much more, but their production hasn’t been that different, and the way Robert does it — all smashed home runs and blinding athleticism — makes his current production feel like more of a floor than a ceiling. He’s also under team control until 2027, thanks to two club options on his affordable deal. I’m not sure there’s much of a bias against under-the-radar performers anymore; if these two players were around 10 years ago, Grisham might have finished out of the top 50 while nerds wailed and rent their garments. But the 30-35 area feels about right for both of them, and I’m comfortable having Robert higher, even if reasonable people could disagree on the exact ordering. – BC #28 Giolito has garnered a handful of down-ballot Cy Young votes over the past two years and while he’s slipped a bit in 2021, his raw numbers suggest that a second-half surge is hardly out the question (and might earn him a few more come November). Still just 26 and now seen as durable after injuries plagued the early part of his career, Giolito falls short of the true ace designation when polling those in the industry, but he’s just a tick below it and being consistently good is one of the more underrated aspects when evaluating pitchers. “The fact that Giolito got his sh*t pushed in so bad in 2018 and was able to completely reinvent himself at the major league level speaks to how dependable a piece he could be for anyone’s rotation,” one AL executive told me. Giolito is far from perfect but he knows how to hide his weaknesses. Every secondary pitch in his arsenal plays better than his fastball, but he knows that and goes to his heater less than 50% of the time, an approach that is becoming more normal across the game. His fastball has solid velocity and movement, but Giolito fills the zone more than he commands the pitch, delivering far too many center-cut versions of it, which has led to more fly balls and leaves him a bit prone to home runs. Still, this is some necessary nitpicking of a very good rotation piece with two manageable years of arbitration remaining. – KG
  10. beautox

    7/20 Gamethread: Keuchel vs. Ober

    Upon further review fuck Josh Donaldson and the Twins!
  11. beautox

    7/20 Gamethread: Keuchel vs. Ober

    He is OUT!
  12. beautox

    7/20 Gamethread: Keuchel vs. Ober

    cant wait for more TLR apologists to post but a source within the club house says everyone loves drunk uncle Tony; even if that is the case make him the bench coach. Nothing has changed hes still a dog shit in game manager and the game has passed him by.
  13. beautox

    7/20 Gamethread: Keuchel vs. Ober

    Yoan's power appears to be back, pray for the league.
  14. I think this is how they'll approach the deadline and playoffs provided everyone is healthy. Post Season Roster DH - Eloy C - Grandal# 1B - Abreu 2B - Escobar# or Frazier* SS - Anderson 3B - Moncada# LF - Vaughn CF - Robert RF - Sheets* C - Collins* UT - Garcia# UT - Lamb* OF - Hamilton or Goodwin* OF - Engel SP - Rodon* SP - Lynn SP - Giolito SP - Cease CL - Hendriks SU - Kopech SU - Bummer* SU - Heuer MR - Crochet* MR - Burr MR - Ruiz LR - Keuchel* Depending on the capital required to get Frazier; I'm more inclined to believe Escobar is coming home and possibly getting a reliever. Sox would appear to be willing to let Engel back up Sheets and let Engel and Hamilton be the late inning defensive replacements.
  15. Dan Szymborski's take on it over at fangraphs.