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  1. StrangeSox

    Summer Olympics Thread

    I think part of the deal NBC got when they paid for the broadcasting rights was they most popular events in the US being scheduled to fall during primetime in the US. Google loves to shove news headlines into my notifications with random results, and if you go to nbcolympics to watch coverage of some other random sport that won't be covered in primetime, you're likely to get spoiled
  2. StrangeSox

    Summer Olympics Thread

    Good lord that last 50 and even 25m by Finke in the 800m race, incredible to make up that gap with that little left
  3. StrangeSox

    Summer Olympics Thread

    No, not Phelps. He doesn't start screaming every time there's a somewhat close race. There's the main play-by-play guy, Phelps who speaks sometimes in a clear baritone voice, and then the annoying guy who starts screaming all the time. e: it's Rowdy Gaines
  4. StrangeSox

    Summer Olympics Thread

    Whoever the color guy is on the swimming broadcast who starts screaming on the last 50 of every race needs to go
  5. StrangeSox

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    Salary cap space thing I think
  6. StrangeSox

    7/18- Astros at White Sox, 1:10

    Love 2 watch winning baseball
  7. StrangeSox

    7/18- Astros at White Sox, 1:10

    God damn that's some good pitching
  8. StrangeSox

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    The ihme model was always obviously trash, though. It was a pure mathematical curve that kept projecting the whole thing would be over in 60 days.
  9. StrangeSox

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Epidemiological models? They provide a somewhat broad projection but it's not so unknown that it's impossible to make reasonable estimates.
  10. StrangeSox

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are trending in the wrong direction again. Peak of this next wave isn't expected until late August or September.
  11. StrangeSox

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I sincerely hope the source in this NBC News report is wrong. Public statements for months now have been "Pfizer submits EUA data for 5-12 in September, 0-5 a few weeks later" with the expectations that it'd follow the same timeline as previous EUA submittals, i.e. shots starting late September or October. Pushing this back to "midwinter" means those of us with young children are looking at closer to another year before they are fully vaccinated. Covid vaccines for kids under 12 expected midwinter, FDA official says
  12. StrangeSox

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    media literacy is more than just reading a bunch of different sources suffice it to say, all cable news is extremely bad, each channel in its own way