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  1. joejoedairy

    6-19 GT: Sox @ Astros (6:15pm)

    Anyone know a way around this. Game is blacked out on mlb tv but I'm getting reds-padres in my area. I guess radio for now
  2. joejoedairy

    6-19 GT: Sox @ Astros (6:15pm)

    6 innings 3 runs is a shit start. Tough crowd!
  3. joejoedairy

    White Sox Winner!

    Another 4 scoreless innings for the bullpen
  4. Crochet has given up 1 ER in his whole damn career
  5. joejoedairy

    Blue Jays @ Sox, 6/10 7:10 cst

    Moncada still on the team.
  6. joejoedairy

    And That's a White Sox Winner !!

    I still believe in this bullpen. It's easy to focus on the bad because it is usually so glaring in high leverage spots but you've got to be able to step back and look at the talent and the full body of work
  7. joejoedairy

    White Sox Win Game 2 of Trap Series!

    Marshall could probably use a IL stint but I still believe in the bullpen. Yaz wRC+ being higher than his babip is insane. No way that's ever happened before
  8. Yo and Bummer... They are both so good
  9. Lucas with the stopper performance. Leury big game, so he's not going to have an OPS under .500 all year, huh. When you watch every game for a team, you're going to notice the late losses. Maybe that's why people keep saying hendriks and bummer are bad despite the numbers saying otherwise? We need to start a soxtalk donation page where everytime someone spells the closers name wrong they donate a quarter and we give that money to charity at the end of the year. Finally, for the playoffs we may need 2 game threads. 1 for the people who want to over react negatively to every pitch, and 1 for people who just want the Sox to win. Fathom is the only one who can go in both.
  10. joejoedairy

    5/19 Chicago @ Minnesota 12:10

    Cool comment
  11. joejoedairy


    I actually think Nick will produce more if you put him 2 rather than always 9. Numbers may not back that up but he's used to hitting in the top 3. With the injuries, I'd like to see him at 2 most games the rest of the year, not just v lefties.
  12. joejoedairy

    Abreu to Miss Twins Series - Ankle Inflammation

    4 days of rest should help him heal all of his ailments. I'm sure they had to talk him into sitting though
  13. joejoedairy

    White Sox winner

    Bummer is the truth
  14. You could say that about 80% of this thread