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  1. dagotony06

    White Sox vs. Twins, Game 2 of DH, 7/06/07 (L)

  2. dagotony06

    White Sox vs. Twins, Game 2 of DH, 7/06/07 (L)

    If it wasn't for gooch it would be 6-0
  3. dagotony06

    White Sox Notes: Buehrle Sick of Rumors

    QUOTE(spiderman @ Jul 6, 2007 -> 04:55 PM) Bruce Levine is reporting today that the talks are dead. If true, he only has a few more days/weeks here. Well if this is true and they trade MB, I believe this will go down as one of the dumbest moves ever made by this Org. The guy is giving you a great discount and you refuse to give him a NTC. It's just asinine to me. I have lost alot of respect for JR and KW and this Org. on the way this has all played out in the media and the way the Org. has handled this situation with MB. Whatever happened to loyalty to your players and allegiance to players that have been nothing but the model of consistency on and off the field. They expect the fans to be loyal, yet they aren't loyal to their own players. I could understand if what MB was asking for was unreasonable, but to lose him because he wants a guarantee that he is gonna be here for 4 years is a damn shame. Like I said I have lost alot of respect for the whole Org. and as far as I am concerned if MB is traded I believe I am gonna have to question my loyalty and allegiance to this Orginazation. I know I may catch alot of heat for that statement, but it's just the way I feel. I feel as a fan that JR and KW aren't as committed to winning as they say, allowing the face of your franchise to get away.
  4. I have a bad feeling Gavin is gonna get lit up tonight.
  5. After this debacle I wouldn't be surprised if they announce that tehy have agreed to a contract with MB. Just to appease the fans. I'm just throwing that out there.
  7. QUOTE(kwolf68 @ Jul 6, 2007 -> 03:55 PM) In my personal opinion I think Buehrle will be dealt to St.Louis if anywhere. The Cards know they probably could resign him. Trouble is, the Cards don't have a lot in their system and Reyes -while being a fine prospect at one time- is starting to look like trouble. I would take Reyes, but Colby Rasmus has to be one of the other TWO prospects we get back. Don't know the 2nd guy I'd want, but yes....Rasmus and Reyes is a solid starting point. Reyes has been getting absolutely rocked this year. I don't want anything to do with him. But who knows, maybe Coop can fix him.
  8. QUOTE(29thandPoplar @ Jul 6, 2007 -> 03:46 PM) Thanks for posting this, interesting info. It's all speculation anyways but Stark generally has his ear to the ground. None of these people have the true scoop but Stark is one of the better ones. It also said in the article St. Louis is an option for MB with Reyes being the main guy we would get back. Take it for what it's worth. like you said it's all speculation. I also saw this on another site but not sure where it is from: White Sox LHP Buehrle plays games with reporters CHICAGO (TICKER) -- Mark Buehrle was still a Chicago White Sox pitcher on Friday afternoon despite being seen cleaning out his locker prior to the start of a doubleheader against the Minnesota Twins. Buehrle was apparently playing a joke on reporters by packing up his belongings with the White Sox, insisting he was not being traded and is still scheduled to pitch on Saturday.
  9. QUOTE(Kalapse @ Jul 6, 2007 -> 03:32 PM) Um, no. f*** that. If they want to toss in an extra A prospect in exchange for the Sox taking that contract off their hands then maybe but I don't want Lugo as a major part of any deal. Whatever happens with this situation. The Whitesox could not have handled this any worse. I've lost alot of respect for this ORG. through all this.
  10. And this from Jayson Stark ESPN Insider Jul 6 - According to ESPN.com's Jayson Stark, the White Sox are reportedly marketing Buehrle aggressively, but teams are balking at the price -- three players with two being prime-time prospects. Stark is also hearing that Boston might be getting back in on Buehrle and trying to expand the deal to include Julio Lugo.
  11. Off topic this is from Ken Rosenthal: The stalemate in the White Sox's negotiations with left-hander Mark Buehrle is fueling industry speculation that Sox general manager Ken Williams will soon trade the pitcher. "I get that sense from talking to people and from the (White Sox's) response to us, but it's hard to tell — Kenny loves disinformation," says an executive from an interested club. Another executive flatly predicts a trade, saying White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf won't give in to Buehrle's desire for a full no-trade clause — and that Buehrle is just as stubborn.
  13. Wow this team f***ing blows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!