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  1. Tecmo Bo

    Gload in left?

    I think Ross is one of those guys that will always find more success coming off the bench rather than starting.
  2. Tecmo Bo

    Could the Sox get MICHAEL YOUNG?

    I doubt it would happen but it would be interesting if it did. But I wouldn't want to give up too much for just one player no matter how good he is.
  3. Tecmo Bo

    Gary Matthews Jr

    I don't get all the raving for him, so I say no. Plus centerfield is not a big issue for this team.
  4. Tecmo Bo

    Garland ready for "Whatever"

    Garland has always been my favorite Sox starter, I would rather them trade someone else.
  5. Tecmo Bo

    I Just Realized It

    Because it is a team effort sport, I blame the whole team effort. Not just seperate issues with other players.
  6. Tecmo Bo

    Sox lose again

    That was a tough one to watch indeed. The losses are getting more painful as they come. But at least Minnesota lost, still have to be positive.