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  1. SpringfieldFan

    And That's a White Sox Winner !!

    And The ironic: Garcia's BA is now the same as Abreu's.
  2. SpringfieldFan

    Updates on Kopech

    That makes more sense. With the likelihood is that he goes to another team next year its hard to imagine they just shut him down on innings before his season with the Sox ends.
  3. SpringfieldFan

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/13 12:10 ct

    I'm with you, honestly. It's just that he is a Sunday lineup guy that I would always bear thru watching on Sundays knowing I have the rest of the week to look forward to. Now it's a groundhog day Sunday lineup with no end. The guy never gets hot for more than a game yet somehow never really slumps either, and somehow does juuuuussssst well enough to secure his spot in the lineup week after week. But yeah, without him this year this team would not be where it's at and other teams drool to have someone like him in a super sub role. Its just cogitive dissonence for me.
  4. SpringfieldFan

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/13 12:10 ct

    So I'm assuming once this DET series is over that Leury will be seeing some bench time this week? I'm filing that one away.
  5. SpringfieldFan

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/13 12:10 ct

    I'm imagining that some time late in the season that TLR will suggest that due to his durability and versatility during this injury season that Leury could be considered the team MVP.
  6. SpringfieldFan

    Is Leury's time almost up

    Leury has been a critically valuable component so far. The problem is that he's had to be.
  7. SpringfieldFan

    Back on top of MLB RS/RA standings

    LA with another game tonight and they are hot so we will see how things look when we wake up in the morning.
  8. Ugggghhhh..tired of it all. For all the manager moves, bullpen collapses, defensive lapses, poor umpiring...its this friggin 4, 5, 6 hits a game that really bites it for me. If I wanted non scoring sports entertainment like this I'd watch soccer.
  9. Not to fear not to fear, JR still has that Machado money burning a hole in his pocket.
  10. If Rodon were dressed in blue and on the mound against this Sox lineup how would he be doing?
  11. I wouldn't put them #2 right now, mainly because they have benefited from an inordinate number of games at home so far and they have only been about a .500 team on the road. I'd like to see how they look after that next road trip. I will say as it is there are about half a dozen teams at the top level and the Sox are part of that mix. I will now accept my role as medium large turd.
  12. SpringfieldFan

    One way I know the sox are a great team again...

    Yeah that was amazing. For most of the season until the September cold spell the Sox had run way out ahead and broken the leash. Yet the attention was perfunctory.
  13. SpringfieldFan

    6/5| White Sox vs Tigers | 1:10PM CT | NBCSC

    This is like Notre Dame coming out thumping their chests in green jerseys and then proceeding to get spanked.
  14. SpringfieldFan

    6/5| White Sox vs Tigers | 1:10PM CT | NBCSC

    Is this pitcher a strikeout artist? We have 9 k's thru four. Or lineup is mostly a slappy lineup today and not a power lineup which you would expect to strike out more often. What gives?
  15. SpringfieldFan

    Sox City Connect Jerseys

    When this whole City Connect thing started I had reservations that it would wind up being like the NBA and be all, or lack of a better term - urban hip. I'm not much for "urban", and I sure as hell ain't big on "hip". That's why I prefer baseball to basketball. Or maybe I'm just too old. Nevertheless, I'm actually ok with these. Hard working, blue collar industrial is the environment the Sox and their fanbase come from and what their attitude already is. The Sox are the one MLB team that can pull this look off and actually be authentic so it works.