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  1. Texsox

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Let’s change history. “Why didn't you pitch run for Vaughn?” “I knew later in the game he would come up with runners on base.” SSHM “Exactly right, save him for a hypothetical chance later in the game. Great managing Tony!” Close game with runners on first and second and they maximized the chance to score multiple runs then. I don’t have a problem with that move at all. Plus it’s a defensive upgrade late in a close game. Knowing how much you hate, loath, disrespect Tony it’s difficult to tell if this is a serious discussion of baseball strategy (of which I know you can do) or just you taking an opportunity to rip everything Tony does (something else you relish and do often).
  2. Texsox

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Greg I want to buy you a coffee someday.
  3. Texsox

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Thank you for the summary. And thank you G-man for putting us one person closer to ending this.
  4. Texsox

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Great point. In fact that has me rethinking not being too upset about an obscure NL stadium only rule. It's exactly the edge you expect from having a Hall of Fame manager. I now place more blame on Tony.
  5. Texsox

    The TLR Manager Thread

    My autocorrect fought me all the way lol Thank you
  6. Texsox

    Albert Pujols

    Someone that everyone else has given up on and is sitting at home? AAA guy that Tony met in AA? It won't be pretty no matter what.
  7. Texsox

    Albert Pujols

    If I had to bet, I agree with you. When I wrote that post I was thinking of the baseball writers and how they consider character ( steroid whispers / Jack Clark accusations) and seven sub par seasons at the end. The writers hold that first ballot designation in high esteem.
  8. Texsox

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Good point, I own Top Golf, Drive Shack, and Organigram.
  9. Texsox

    The TLR Manager Thread

    As I've said it's the worse franchise in baseball.
  10. Texsox

    The TLR Manager Thread

    I'd leave him on. If I invested a share of $20,000,000 and it was now worth $1,600,000,000 I'd leave him in and pray he doesn't die.
  11. Texsox

    The TLR Manager Thread

    I think we all agree that of the three options the staff picked the worse one.
  12. Texsox

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Agreed. Yet fans somehow believe guys he's hired and kept on like Hahn would be grabbed up in a hurry by other teams. Only an inept chairman ( he owns less that 20% of the team ) would keep these guys after so many losing seasons. I don't know why we, myself included, keep calling him the owner. He's the chairman and owns less than 1/5th of the team.
  13. Texsox

    Albert Pujols

    Thank you. 1st ballot? I'm thinking second.
  14. Texsox

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Wait until the homerun derby to decide tie games (now being used in the Pioneer League) gets to MLB. YeaHaa!!
  15. Texsox

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Most of these guys were the best everything on their high school teams. I wish MLB would go full platoon. Have a defensive lineup and an offensive lineup like football.