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  1. They won't make the MLB if an umpire is afraid that someone might yell at them and it affects their calls. They get to, and stay at, the MLB for getting calls right, not from avoiding confrontation by making wrong calls.
  2. At his best, he was great. At his worst, he was ordinary. I thought he should have switched roles his last 10 years.
  3. Tony now Ozzie?! Managers can be so mean.
  4. Texsox

    The Beer Thread

    It makes a great chaser for a bloody Mary. Spotted Cow has a great marketing plan. Limited availability in a tourist area. The name link of cows and Wisconsin. A totally neutral flavor so if you buy a pitcher no one can really complain. And it's at literally every bar we went to. And my wife bought a 12 pack to give our kids back in Texas. It's drinking memories. I'll knock down an Old Style and Miller High Life while I'm here. I had my share of Spotted Cow here. It was always the same. What do you have on tap? Usually a boring mix of national brands then a Leiny Summer Shandy or Spotted Cow.
  5. Who would you put Yermin on for a Chicago Sports Mount Rushmore? Yermin William Perry Granville Waiters Bob Probert
  6. Texsox

    The Beer Thread

    I'm returning from Wisconsin. I don't get the Spotted Cow worship. Actually, I have a clue. The correlation between ordering a Spotted Cow and wearing a Cub's cap was almost 100%.
  7. What team has the hitting equivalent of "Coop will fix 'em"?
  8. And I'm very happy he's currently not performing well enough to make this team. Championship teams are tougher to stay on. And if he can't handle his manager being upset with him how's he going to handle a WS with 60,000 fans booing him? Retire?
  9. Agreed. Now imagine if twice as many teams need DHs.
  10. If universal DH hits he has much higher trade value. Hang on to his rights until that gets settled.
  11. I agree. But a hall of fame guy boss? That must be hall of fame level calling out. Lol
  12. Eventually players run out of teams willing to give a player a chance. Teams aren't stupid, scouts and managers saw the raw talent, gave him a try for a while and moved on. He's a footnote in Sox history. Giving him someone else to blame may also be a problem. Didn't one of his former managers state he could never take responsibility for his own actions? 9 His early mega success may have been his downfall. In golf it's guys winning a major, are cashing in on opportunities and think they should be top 10 every week.
  13. Does Soxtalk lose a year of control by allowing too many posts? He could hit free agency sooner.