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  1. jaliciense1

    Winter/Spring 2009-10 TV thread

    QUOTE (fathom @ Feb 11, 2010 -> 05:42 PM) The amazing part about FNL is how it makes you care about so many different characters. When this season started, you had to wonder if you could actually care what happens to the newer characters like Vince. He ended up being the most fascinating character on the show this season. Also, thankfully they didn't say Matt Saracen had become a Cubs fan, as the actor who plays them in real life is a huge Sox fan! I had no idea zach gilford was a huge sox fan. I saw him in a bulls game once. Hes gunna be in a pilot to start in a new tv show on abc i heard.
  2. jaliciense1

    Winter/Spring 2009-10 TV thread

    I hear you Brian. I love how this is his farewell to the show though. He had always been a trouble maker and always looked for the easy way out. I'm glad that after he and billy did something illegal, that they get caught and punished. Now hes in jail for 1-5 years. im just hoping aimee teegarden (julie) :wub: comes back full time. otherwise i will probably not tune in anymore next season.
  3. jaliciense1

    Winter/Spring 2009-10 TV thread

    Its very unfortunate people never gave friday night lights a chance because it is amazingly written and well acted. Not to mention the incredible music that is played in between scenes. But 5 seasons is more than we could have asked for considering it had no ratings at all.
  4. jaliciense1

    Those of you living in NW IN

    I live in the east side. Let us know when you open it and I will go for sure. Good Luck with everything
  5. jaliciense1

    Celebrity Crush

    Not very known but Aimee Teegarden from Friday Night Lights Aimee Teegarden
  6. jaliciense1

    Fall of '09 television thread

    Friday night nights had the best episode i have seen yet in the whole series yesterday. Im glad that it does get the recognition in many aspects but its bad that it gets no ratings. The next episode looks incredibly promising and i cant wait.
  7. jaliciense1

    Fall of '09 television thread

    QUOTE (Brian @ Nov 12, 2009 -> 11:23 AM) The Saracen storyline on FNL is the only bad thing on this season. It still has the same realistic storylines and same realistic characters. I LOVE this show. yea im not liking the saracen storyline either because we know hes leaving at some point since he is just guest starring anyway. i am very interested to see what happens to julies role with matt leaving though. After the first episode i thought that jd mccoy would be one of the main characters but i guess not. hes dissapeared and so did the mom. Great show!!
  8. jaliciense1

    Vazquez and Swisher Redux

    QUOTE (son of a rude @ Sep 26, 2009 -> 03:01 PM) NL east has more runs scored than the AL central. You cant compare pitching in the american league to pitching in the national league. And they dont only face division opponents.
  9. jaliciense1

    Vazquez and Swisher Redux

    The reason vazquez is doing good this year is because hes in the national league and his team has never really been thought of as a contener and hes playing in a pitchers ballpark. its dumb to think he would have turned it around here. good stuff but he needs to develop some balls
  10. jaliciense1

    Fall of '09 television thread

    QUOTE (Brian @ Sep 18, 2009 -> 04:52 PM) When is the season premiere? If you have direct tv its season premiere is on Oct 28th on the 101 network but if you dont then you have to wait until Feb i think when nbc airs the episodes
  11. jaliciense1

    Fall of '09 television thread

    Friday Night Lights Best show ever!
  12. jaliciense1

    How about??

    QUOTE(Melissa1334 @ Jun 2, 2007 -> 05:50 PM) great post ( ) Its great to see someone that is actually thinking! Thanx!
  13. jaliciense1

    How about??

    QUOTE(Kalapse @ Jun 1, 2007 -> 11:32 PM) Swapping Ozzie with Dusty would be an absolutely brutal move and would make Sox baseball completely unwatchable. Have we been watching the same games this year!
  14. jaliciense1

    How about??

    With the recent stupid managerial decisions by Ozzie guillen I am left wondering if changing managers wouldnt be the worst move for the white sox at this moment! If we were to get a new manager who could it be? I know many people are going to be mad for this but Dusty is a name that comes to mind. He just left a cursed cubs team which couldnt win if they had the 1927 yankees roster. Dusty did a bad job with the cubs but I believe that bringing him with the white sox would give this team the lift it needs!
  15. jaliciense1

    Ozzies Critics

    how about him supporting trading a family member freddy Garcia for Gavin Floyd and Gio. Nobody is going to mention that! BS