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  1. Without a doubt, adding Kimbrel improves the Sox this year and sets them up for the playoffs. Looking years down the road at who “won” this trade, or what the Sox will do in the off-season for the 2022 roster, let’s save for another day and enjoy this season.
  2. Great move. I really liked Madrigal and he will be solid for years to come. But the Sox are going for it-without mortgaging the future, salary or young talent. This is the kind of trade deadline that only other teams have to put their teams in position to win a World Series. Hahn and front office, take a bow!
  3. Spending it now on Kimbrel makes sense. For 2022…not so much.
  4. Kimbrel just isn’t any 8th inning guy. Adding Kimbrel makes it a 7 inning game. And the Sox are only paying the remaining $5 mill or so (or having the Cubs pay some salary). I agree paying out $16 mill for an entire year for both he and Liam isn’t wise. The Sox can trade him in the off-season. The Sox also should want to keep Kimbrel away from other AL playoff teams.
  5. I see Kimbrel as for 2021. Trade in the off-season. They would get back some talent that they traded. And it wouldn’t be Crochet or Vaughn.
  6. Getting Kimbrel would make the Sox the favorites to win the AL pennant. I still see them adding a lefty reliever as well though. Kimbrel would take the 8th. It’s Liams team until it isn’t.
  7. beck72

    Deadline Prediction Thread

    I'm sure they'd run it by Abreu and guys in the clubhouse. Baez has to be known to Sox players. If he'd be a distraction and freak show, they wouldn't want that no matter what he could contribute on the field.
  8. beck72

    Deadline Prediction Thread

    I think the Sox add someone for 2b with the added benefit of injury protection. We get our 2 OFer's back. But what if someone else goes down. Jose gets hurt, Vaughn could move to 1st. Yoan or TA get injured? Up a creek. You add a Baez...The Sox could still win in the playoffs with him filling in at SS or 3b. Escobar works for 3b and 2b. The only thing that makes sense is the Sox are thinking bigger or not liking his health status or he'd be on the Sox now. I couldn't see the asking price as that outrageous for Escobar.
  9. beck72

    Deadline Prediction Thread

    Vaughn will see a lot of time in RF. Eloy will be mostly in LF. I guess if you're looking at a playoff game OF, you have Vaughn in LF, Robert in CF, and Engel/ Goodwin in RF. Or have Eloy, Robert and Vaughn from LF-RF.
  10. beck72

    Deadline Prediction Thread

    Predict the Sox add Javy Baez. Escobar has seemed like the best fit-lefty bat, power. Unless he’s their fallback option or he’s hurt/ dinged up. I do like Story. But he hasn’t played 2b in the majors. Baez could fill in the 2b hole with his defense and power. But he can also be valuable come playoff time. Tell me you can’t see him get on base by legging out a slow roller and running the bases like a wild man. I don’t want anyone else to do that. Sure he can be a dick but he leaves it all out on the field. He also provides insurance in case of injury/ needed days off for TA and Yoan. Baez has every incentive to play hard the rest of 2021, put in his work, be a good teammate, for his next contract.
  11. beck72

    Deadline Prediction Thread

    Sox get Craig Kimbrel for Gavin Sheets [or Jake Burger], Codi Heuer + another prospect. If they are going to go all in, getting Kimbrel for the 8th to team with Liam [and be insurance in case of an injury to Hendriks] makes a ton more sense than just adding a guy like Richard Rodriguez. I still think the Sox add another LH reliever and add an IFer [Trevor Story]
  12. beck72

    Deadline Prediction Thread

    I agree. Hahn didn’t sign Grandal, and Hendriks and trade for Lynn to waste their solid All Star years. Hahn sees the bullpen weakness as well as anyone. He has to address those holes with at least 2 8th innings guys. The 2020 bullpen guys cannot be trusted.
  13. beck72

    Deadline Prediction Thread

    I'm amending my prediction based on WASH now being sellers: *Jake Burger, Micker Adolfo, Matt Foster for Brad Hand and Daniel Hudson: [It might be too much. But if the Nats are packaging both like its been reported to get the best return, the Sox will match and beat other teams offers]. *Matthew Thompson and Bryan Ramos for Trevor Story [Escobar probably isn't healthy enough or the Sox would have pulled off a deal already]
  14. beck72

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Tampa Bay did trade Blake Snell for four prospects [and he was signed to a team friendly deal through 2023]. My point I was making was that the Sox will need to trade a proven talent as well to keep the pipeline of young talent coming into the Sox to extend their ability to contend for a World Series. And unless and until the Sox win a World Series, I wouldn't advocate to trade a top young talent like an Eloy or a Cease.
  15. beck72

    Trade Deadline Thread

    The Sox will be in a similar position. They won’t be able to afford to keep all their young and / or expensive talent. So they will have to be on target with who they trade. Without hurting the Sox chances of winning too much. That also means also getting prospects that pan out from those trades.