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    And thats a White Sox loser...

    QUOTE(southsideirish71 @ Apr 22, 2007 -> 09:51 PM) He slumped for April and May in 05. Hopefully we are not waiting till June to see Kong breakout. He tinkers too much with his swing and gets into prolonged slumps. One lasted the entire season in 03. Hopefully he gets his head out of his ass, because we need his bat so Thome gets good pitches to crush Dye gets good pitches to crush. If one guy is struggling like Kong, then they walk Thome to get to Kong. If Kong crushes the ball then great, if he hits 200 or below then we are in for hard time scoring runs. The 3-4-5 beast can be a monster to overcome for a pitcher. But we need them to be firing on all cylinders. The amount of walks Thome has seen is just a representation of the struggles of Kong. They are bypassing one of our sluggers completely just to get to Kong. Thats not good. i know it isnt good...they need to switch konerko-dye and Thome around so Thome can stop getting walked every friggin time hes up to bat
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    And thats a White Sox loser...

    ....and thank u for that,but im still sticking with what i said. hopefully this is just a slump for PK and everyone can get off his ass
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    anyone make me a cintron/Aardsma sig please? thanks in advance
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    And thats a White Sox loser...

    QUOTE(Milkman delivers @ Apr 22, 2007 -> 07:17 PM) Not Ozzie's fault. Konerko's. alot of people have been laying the blame on konerko today. although i can see where they are coming from, it takes a whole team to lose, not just one person.
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    Cintron on leave/Gonzalez up

    best wishes to Alex
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    I pray that Kenny trades Erstad for a $1 bill

    QUOTE(AddisonStSox @ Apr 22, 2007 -> 07:39 PM) This has officially reached absurdity. Who are the experts then, hot shot, the guys that wrote your Baseball America? There is a reason those guys write Baseball America and you post on a message board and Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams are employed by professional baseball team. I understand that this is a message board, aimed at baseball discussion regarding your team of choice. However, every day I'm seeing some teenager proclaim to know more baseball than a manager of a professional baseball team. This amuses me. I am terribly amused. ...oh, and by the way. Erstad sucks! Start Brian N. Anderson!!!111!!! He's young and blond! hahahaha...man. i love dumb people just as much as u do...GO ERSTAD!