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  1. T R U

    Albert Pujols

    Boy Pujols was really not good at all in LA, compared to what they thought they were paying for
  2. T R U

    Indians @ Sox, 4/30

    What the fuck is taking so long
  3. T R U

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    As a Dolphins fan, I loved their decision to trade up to 3 😁
  4. T R U

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    The Niners traded up over a month ago, how would they possibly know those guys would still be on the board? Fields went 11 anyways so they would have still missed him had they stayed.
  5. T R U


    Something like that, I just remember it was during the game then we would be in that chat all damn night
  6. T R U


    Nope, not in prison yet Pretty sure SoxAce is still here as well. All we are missing is QWERTY, cant speak on his whereabouts currently Man I miss the chatroom
  7. T R U


    What needs to be more clear? Don't be an asshole, its pretty simple.
  8. T R U

    Tigers @ Sox

    The tigers had bad defense, the sox just no showed in all facets
  9. T R U

    Tigers @ Sox

    I’ll kink you
  10. T R U

    Tigers @ Sox

    It was both of them tonight. Players didn’t execute and poor managerial decisions against a team begging you to pound them
  11. T R U

    Tigers @ Sox

    Seriously, this was a game against a lousy opponent with your ace on the hill. You can’t lose these games, they’re as close to a gimme as it gets. fuck these guys were scoring 1.6 runs per game in their last 10. Total piss poor performance tonight.
  12. T R U

    Tigers @ Sox

    Fucking losers
  13. T R U

    Tigers @ Sox

    Nope no overreaction, Sox completely shit their pants with their ace on the mound, facing one of the worst teams in baseball who had 5 errors in 5 innings
  14. T R U

    Tigers @ Sox

    This is a joke
  15. T R U

    Tigers @ Sox

    The corpse of Cabrera somehow looks great against us