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  1. lostfan

    That’s a Chicago Yermins Win!!!!

    I'm no scout but I see nothing in Yermin's history of production in the pros or his approach at the plate that suggests he's a fluke. I'm not saying he's gonna hit .400 with a 1.100 OPS but a reliable middle-of-the-order bat? Sure, absolutely I can buy that.
  2. lostfan


    Yeah, his slump seemed exaggerated because of the shortened season, but he was already adjusting by the playoffs
  3. lostfan


    It sounds ridiculous to say out loud but I think his ceiling as a player really is Trout. He might not ever do that but you can see how he COULD.
  4. lostfan

    Texas @ Sox

    With all due respect to Moncada's great night, this is a Yermin Mercedes stan account until further notice
  5. lostfan

    If Yermin hits over .400 this season, is he the MVP?

    If he plays for another 20 years can he break Barry Bonds's record?
  6. lostfan

    Texas @ Sox

    Watching Cease is maddening, because he does have nasty stuff, he just doesn't throw it anywhere even close to the zone half the time so you're left wondering how good he COULD be if he could do that.
  7. lostfan

    Texas @ Sox

    Dylan Cease likes 30-pitch innings.
  8. lostfan


    It took him a while to just quit swinging at everything he sees, then recognizing when breaking pitches were coming (he could hit them if he saw them but he was tending to think he could hit anything). But he looks like he's got it now. Can't wait until he reaches his ceiling, that first month in the majors was just... wow
  9. lostfan

    White Sox Winner!

    Luis Robert - he's heating up (NBA Jam announcer voice)
  10. lostfan

    Who Is "Mr. White Sox?"

    My facebook memories had me ranting about how much I hated watching Linebrink. I had forgotten about that guy.
  11. lostfan

    Sox @ Cleveland

    Jose Abreu is one guy I never, ever worry about even when his numbers are shit. He always comes around.
  12. lostfan

    4-19 GT: Sox @ Boston (10:10am)

    Me: The Sox had an unusual start time today. Given it's over already let's check the box score, see how they did Me: oh dear
  13. lostfan

    Who Is "Mr. White Sox?"

    Who do you consider the team leader, face of the franchise, heart of the team, whatever you want to call it, however you define it. We had Frank Thomas, then Paul Konerko. Who's that guy for you, currently?
  14. lostfan


    Sometimes they do, like Luis Robert, and then they hit a wall they have to get past, like Luis Robert