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  1. macsandz

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Run scores. Tie game.
  2. macsandz

    5/18 White Sox @ Twins 6:40 PM

    Yeah that's highly doubtful. He's chilled out but he's still a bit of a loose cannon. Sox fans haven't seen that side of him yet.
  3. macsandz

    And that's a 16-4 White Sox winner!

    I'm not his biggest fan but this is just incorrect. People don't wanna accept the fact that Eaton is actually considered by those that matter most (the players) to be a leader on this team. There are several players that absolutely look to him to set an example and, like it or not, it's why he was brought in and for the most part he's done that well.
  4. macsandz

    5/18 White Sox @ Twins 6:40 PM

    It's Target field and we'll see a different side of Yermin tonight after he gets drilled because it's coming.
  5. macsandz

    Steve Stone / Yoan Moncada's "Lack of Effort and Interest"

    So Stone admonishes Moncada for being too aggressive in claiming fly balls and then admonishes Moncada for a lack of effort. Got it.
  6. macsandz

    White Sox #1 in latest ESPN MLB ranking.

    Yeah but there's gotta be something to be found the board can complain about.
  7. macsandz

    5/11/21 Minnesota Twins @ Chicago White Sox 7:10 PM CDT

    Congrats on the rescue. Maybe Rhodesian Ridgeback mix?
  8. macsandz

    Tigers @ Sox, 4/28/21

    He's tracking pitches. It's in his job description.
  9. macsandz


    If the purpose of this thread was to complain it'd be more than twelve pages by now.
  10. macsandz


    Yeah but It's mostly about people determined to find something to complain about when it comes to Madrigal.
  11. macsandz

    CLE @ SOX, 7:10 PM Central

    This is perfect. Moncada can't get comfortable batting clean up and it's time to stop forcing him to hit there.
  12. macsandz

    Sox vs Indians - Tuesday, April 13th, 710pm

    Can we order the ageism shirts here as well?
  13. macsandz

    What if Yermin Mercedes keeps hitting?

    He's a good dude but had some immaturity moments like a million other athletes chasing a dream.
  14. Ageism is hilarious.
  15. macsandz

    4-7 GT: CWS @ SEA (3:10 PM CT)

    Yeah how the hell didn't TLR prevent Robert from getting picked off?!
  16. macsandz

    4-2 GT: CWS @ LAA (8:38 PM CT)

    It's 33 games - half of which he played with a severely injured shoulder, which required surgery. The game this season is played at a different speed because it's not played in a morgue like 2020. The crowd matters. He'll figure it out. If he doesn't bench him or send him down. I honestly don't really care.
  17. macsandz

    4-2 GT: CWS @ LAA (8:38 PM CT)

    Pantera #2 is the goods.
  18. macsandz

    4-2 GT: CWS @ LAA (8:38 PM CT)

    "Naysayers" after he's played 33 MLB games lol. The guy could be an All Star and people would still b**** about him. He's polarizing and he always will be.
  19. macsandz

    4-2 GT: CWS @ LAA (8:38 PM CT)

    Got it straight from Gio so I'm sure he appreciates it.
  20. macsandz

    4-2 GT: CWS @ LAA (8:38 PM CT)

    Yeah in his first game in an MLB stadium populated with fans he rushed a turn.
  21. macsandz

    3/30 2:10PM CST Sox @ Rockies FINAL ST Game

    Bauer's fb spin averages 2300 rpm . Cease just spun a heater at 2600 😳
  22. Engel OPS'd .837 vs RHP last season.
  23. He's had just over 200 career at bats, FFS
  24. He hit .308 in the playoff series and his HR still hasn't landed.
  25. Carlos touching 97mph several times and sitting 95mph today. Slider looking tight.