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  1. ChiliIrishHammock24

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    ....right.... Yea, so anyway, I hope as many people in this WORLD have access to the vaccine and we can stop deaths and spread of the virus WORLD WIDE. I can't imagine giving a flying fuck about the precious shareholders of Johnson and Johnson over millions of innocent lives across the world. Color me, not giving a fuck about a "political loss of face" during a world wide pandemic when lives can be saved.
  2. ChiliIrishHammock24

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Should India, China, and Russia not have access to the vaccine? I don't understand the issue.
  3. ChiliIrishHammock24

    ELOY HURT! (3/25 Update: Torn Pectoral Tendon, Out 5-6 months))

    At least with this news, no one is benefitting from it. You could argue his Nelson Cruz info was to help his buddy Nelson Cruz get more money. Same for Ozuna. This scoop doesn't make anyone more money. If anything, it hurts the chances of a FA getting signed to fill the hole. But ultimately the Sox will know way more about his actual timeframe than anything that could possibly be speculated in the media.
  4. ChiliIrishHammock24

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Just signed up in Indiana today for the J&J vaccine for me and my wife. I'll be fully vaxxed by Cinco De Mayo. Can't wait!
  5. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Fantasy Baseball

    ONE MORE PERSON NEEDED. I usually try not to ask Sox fans, because I hate seeing guys like Moncada and Anderson get taken by the 2nd round 🤣, but we need 1 more person for our league. Draft is this Sunday at 9:15 on ESPN. Buy-in is $50. It's a 10-team, 2-player Keeper League, but we added 2 teams this season, so anyone joining would have a blank roster, but automatically get 2 of the first 4 draft picks instead.
  6. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Vacation/Travel Thread.

    Holy shit rental car prices have gone through the roof recently. They have doubled in a month. Even our flights went from $130 to $190 in about 2 weeks. I looked back at my trip to AZ in January of 2016 and my rental car was $13 a day. Now this trip to AZ my car is almost $50 a day. Insanity.
  7. ChiliIrishHammock24

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    One of these risks is $340M on one player. The other is $200M for 3 players. These are not the same types of risk.
  8. ChiliIrishHammock24

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    It's hilarious to me the amount of people on Twitter who are assessing this from the Tatis side of "I dunno, he is risking potentially selling himself short by $100M or so by taking this deal so early" and not from the inordinately obvious side of the amount of risk the Padres are taking on by giving $300M to an young kid who hasn't even played a full season yet and has already sustained multiple injuries. The risk is HEAVILY on the side of the Padres here, not Tatis, who at minimum now has $340M if his career ended tomorrow.
  9. ChiliIrishHammock24

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    Yes, because that's exactly what I said. Excellent reading comprehension.
  10. ChiliIrishHammock24

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    What a joke of a punishment. They don't even lose a pick, they just get the 40th pick instead of the 30th pick? Lol
  11. ChiliIrishHammock24

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    He turned down an extension offer? Why was he even given an extension offer?
  12. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Dodgers sign Bauer (3/102, opt-outs, 40-45-17)

    God I hope this is over and he actually goes to the Mets. Never wanted any part of that clown.
  13. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Automobile Thread

    I would love to be in a situation to eventually replace my wife's Hyundai Elantra with a Model Y, but with us planning on getting pregnant this summer, I don't really know how much I should be budgeting for a child. But either way, we both have sedans and we already have a dog, so something might have to give because the dog and a car seat in the back seat at the same time may prove difficult.
  14. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Automobile Thread

    My first car was a 1995 Honda Civic. I owned it from December 2006 until February 2011; 5 years. Then I was forced to sell that car (which I loved) and got a 2004 Mitsubishi Galant from February 2011 until September 2019; 8 1/2 years. And then I got my dream car, my Tesla, in June of 2019, and I've had that for about 20 months.
  15. ChiliIrishHammock24

    Dodgers sign Bauer (3/102, opt-outs, 40-45-17)

    Bauer and Mickey Callaway didn't get along huh? What if I were to tell you the Angels found a way to get rid of Mickey Callaway....