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  1. QUOTE(scenario @ Mar 27, 2008 -> 01:23 PM)
    BTW - Both the Trib and whitesox.com are listing the start time as 2:05pm central (3:05 eastern)


    Correct. The last game in Arizona is always an hour earlier. presumably to give teams an extra hour for wherever they travel for the last few spring games.


    Sox fly to Oklahoma City tomorrow morning.



  2. QUOTE(DonnyDevito @ Mar 25, 2008 -> 07:38 PM)
    my opening day line up:


    Swisher, LF

    Cabrera, SS

    Thome, DH

    Konerko, 1B

    Dye, RF

    Pierzynski, C

    Crede, 3B

    Uribe, 2B

    Ozuna, CF


    I think it'll be:


    Ozuna, Cabrera, Swisher, Konerko, Thome, Dye, Crede, Pierzynski, Anderson


    Game 2:


    Ramirez, Cabrera, Thome, Konerko, Dye, Swisher, Crede, Pierzynski, Uribe


  3. QUOTE(southsideirish71 @ Mar 22, 2008 -> 05:50 PM)
    Oney Guillen into pinch run for Crede. Too bad we couldn't have Carrie Schuler on the roster as well, she hits about as good as Oney does.


    Oney is playing 3rd base. This is on par with Billy Crystal's at bat.


    edit: Pat Hughes got it wrong. Pablo "Osuna" is at 3rd. Oney at 2nd.


    Some scrub pitcher is about to blow a three run lead in the 10th.

  4. I think Anderson gets in a comfort zone when he plays in the state of Arizona, where he is from.


    When he gets in the big stadiums, in cold weather, I expect him to fail again.


    I'm rooting for the guy, but he's going to have to do it in April for me to believe he's turned a corner.

  5. QUOTE(lvjeremylv @ Mar 20, 2008 -> 05:21 PM)
    Mark Ellis thing? Elaborate please.


    Just rumor, but it's popped up a couple times in the last month. No idea if it's true, but he'd be a nice pickup.


  6. QUOTE(RME JICO @ Mar 20, 2008 -> 04:31 PM)
    Probably also means welcome back Torpedo Boat as well. No way we let him go now with Richar being out that long.


    I still think Uribe is gone. They'll go with Ramirez/Ozuna/Bourgeois.


    Or maybe the Mark Ellis thing gets done. That would be my preference.

  7. I think the Sox have a chance to be pretty good this year----with Josh Fields.


    I'm not denying Crede is a much better defensive player, but Fields is ok.


    If they keep Crede, I think it's just a distraction to the team until something happens.


    If it's inevitable that Crede is getting traded, I'd rather it be before next Thursday.


  8. QUOTE(NorthSideSox72 @ Mar 19, 2008 -> 12:18 PM)
    So that last bullpen slot really is between Masset and Wassermann (even though they aren't the same type) - which means Masset.


    And with Lucy and Armstrong gone, that pretty much guarantees we have Toby Hall as the backup C, I think.


    Who does this leave in camp now?


    Pitchers(14): Buehrle, Carrasco, Contreras, Danks, Dotel, Floyd, Jenks, Linebrink, Logan, MacDougal, Masset, Thornton, Vazquez, Wassermann


    Catchers(3): Hall, Phillips, Pierzynski


    Infielders(8): Cabrera, Crede, Fields, Konerko, Ozuna, Ramirez, Richar, Uribe


    Outfielders(6): Anderson, Bourgeois, Dye, Owens, Quentin, Swisher


    DH(1): Thome


    In my opinion, Carrasco, Bourgeois, and Phillips are still around as an emergency situation.


    Masset will make the team as the long man, with Wassermann falling just short.


    A lot of the other moves are contingent on possible trades. Crede and Uribe are still trade possibilities. Anderson is a maybe. Quentin and Richar's health. A lot up in the air in the 8 days left in Arizona.