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  1. It’s not impossible for Abreu to make the Hall. He’s got an MVP and another top 5.  If he can play another 5-6 years at a high level, finish with 350+ homers, and hopefully have postseason success as well, his overall baseball career will be good enough for the Hall. But first...put Minoso in.

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  2. So here we go...19 of the next 84 vs the Twins.

    Tue: Meada vs Cease

    Wed: Happ vs Keuchel

    Thu: Pineda vs Rodon 

    Weather not a issue this week in Chicago.

  3. Not knowing the rule was an organizational failure. You can’t know something you were never told. I’m not saying Tony was never told pitchers don’t have to run in extras...I don’t know. But somebody in that dugout needs to speak up if they knew. Or better yet, before they even go to Cincinnati, somebody in the front office reminds the coaching staff of the rule in case it happens. It’s like a 1st base coach reminding a runner how many outs there are. The runner should know, but just in case, you tell him. That was Sox organizational failure. Billy Hamilton hitting, on the other hand, that was all La Russa stupidity.