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  1. 23 minutes ago, WhiteSoxFan1993 said:

    Twins home game tonight against Boston has been postponed due to expected continuation of unrest due to a police shooting of an unarmed suspect in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Center.

    The game was supposed to start at 12:10. They called it right around game time.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Big Hurtin said:

    To be fair, when you have starters that can't give you at least 5 innings, your bullpen will be exposed.

    Not wrong, but Kopech kinda finished off Cease’s start and then the bullpen they’re supposed to count on, blew it. 

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  3. It is bullshit and it needs to end. Sox are 0-1 and the Twins are 0-3 in bullshit games. 

    Play two innings of real baseball, and then go to the bullshit in the 12th. Or play real baseball for three innings and call ties after 12...nobody will die.

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  4. Good rain delay programming for this weekend. First year of Hawk/Drysdale, new uniforms, and 23-yr-old Harold Baines hits three homers. Hawk and Wimpy get a lot of love, but Hawk and Drysdale was probably just as good or better.

  5. 14 hours ago, flavum said:

    1-0: Kopech, Rodon, Giolito, Lynn

    0-1: Bummer, Marshall, Ruiz, Foster

    Cease may have to wait until Sunday to join the 1-0 group. Saturday afternoon is looking rainy. Probably would make it up mid-May.

    Saturday afternoon looks like a washout. I’m sure they’ll call it early tomorrow morning- or they should. Sunday morning will still have rain, but should improve enough to play later on.