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  1. If this is some “feeling out” process with the roster, I guess we’ll see how it works out. Two with the Indians and Reds, hopefully we have 3 out of 4 coming. Next weekend in KC and the Twins after, I want to see a regular lineup most games and see the Sox bury these teams.

  2. The game was over when it went 5-3. The Sox lost because Keuchel had a bad inning. You can blame La Russa if you want, but he really had no impact on the outcome of this game. When the Sox win the next two and are 16-11, on pace for 96 wins, I’ll say it’s a good first month for the new coaching staff.

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  3. We’ll take the wins, but I still can’t stand 7-inning doubleheaders and the man on 2nd in extras. Hope it ends after this season. 

    Looking iffy in Cincinnati on Tuesday, but might be a quick doubleheader on Wednesday with Sonny Gray in one of them coming off a good start vs Dodgers. 


  4. 2 minutes ago, brijames1957 said:

    Big game tomorrow night against maybe the best pitcher in the AL. 

    If deGrom can lose ballgames, so can Bieber...and he has. Sox win 2/3 this weekend, they’re 16-11 and on pace for 96 wins with the warm weather months coming.