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  1. SlipKnoT_Sox901

    Where would you rather have Alexei?

    SS, its his natural position, I dont thnk KW will get Furcal, and if he does..he can play 2B
  2. SlipKnoT_Sox901

    Who's the #2 hitter

    Getz, he's "scrappy"
  3. SlipKnoT_Sox901

    We need a back up catcher

    QUOTE (SoxFan1 @ Dec 13, 2008 -> 02:55 PM) We signed Corky Miller and Chris Stewart recently, and we also have Cole Armstrong in the minors. I think we'll fill that internally, and my guess would be that Miller gets the job, as he's pretty good defensively and hit righty, although he can't hit a lick. Agreed
  4. SlipKnoT_Sox901

    Non-Tenders the Sox should pick up...

    Willy T