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  1. whitesoxbrian


    ZStew reminds me of Dan Hudson.
  2. whitesoxbrian

    Official 2011-2012 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Aug 4, 2011 -> 01:28 PM) Orton has thrown 41TDs and 21 INTs for the Broncos since he has been there, he may not be as fast as Tebow but I just dont see what Orton has done wrong to throw this at Tebow. I just dont see him as the type that can define a franchise either. #notbuyingintothehype Kyle Orton's stats are inflated by being down early. I was reading a Broncos message board a few months ago and there were these insane stats that show when Orton is tied or winning a game, he's downright horrible, but when he's down 17-7 or something, he's really good with 6-19 yard passes but his passes down the field at 20+ yards are horrible too. It seems like Orton is benefitting from prevent defenses. Neither him or Tebow are going to get Denver to 6 wins this year, so they should just go with Tebow. QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Aug 5, 2011 -> 09:59 AM) Tebow's problem is that he isn't a good quarterback. Bingo. QUOTE (Soxbadger @ Aug 5, 2011 -> 03:10 PM) So Kreutz is taking less money to play with the Saints. I guess he really cared a lot about the Bears. Rumors have it that the Bears really never offered much. That $4m was way off.
  3. whitesoxbrian

    Ozzie Moving to Bucktown?

    I met Ozzie on Thursday at Rosemont. He was super cool. He may suck as a manager but he's always been a good person. It's too bad Oney doesn't follow in his dad's footsteps.
  4. whitesoxbrian


    QUOTE (knightni @ Aug 6, 2011 -> 08:58 PM) Great job by the pitching staff, Alex Rios goes 3 for 5, and they actually beat up a pitcher tonight in the 9th! Fixed
  5. whitesoxbrian

    Official 2011-2012 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (chw42 @ Aug 2, 2011 -> 11:40 PM) +1. That would make one hell of a linebacker unit. Although we'd be replacing one Hawaiian (Tinaisamoa) with another (Tatupu). lol Tatupu is from San Diego but grew up in Massachusetts so I don't think he's Hawaiian. Rather, he's Samoan.
  6. whitesoxbrian

    How bad is Alex Rios on the suck-o-meter?

    Rios is a 51 on the suck-o-meter. Out of 10. O/U on the number of HR's he hits the rest of the year: 0.5?
  7. whitesoxbrian

    8/1 Yankees @ Sox 7:10

    Do this, Jake.
  8. whitesoxbrian

    Official 2011-2012 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Jul 31, 2011 -> 05:57 PM) Kreutz was going down hill, I just need the Bears to do something with that O-Line. If we head into 2011 with Gabe Carimi as the only addition on the O-Line, while slightly downgrading at center, I will be a pretty unhappy camper. Cutler deserves protection. If anything, Spencer was as good as Kreutz is, and I'd be willing to bet he was better. There were 2 or 3 times per game where I'd watch a toss to Forte for a gain of nothing and say "why is Kreutz just standing there and why the f*** did he not hit anyone?" I agree though that they need to add another OL. Sean Locklear, Brian Waters, Trei Essex, Max Starks, Derrick Dockery, Kyle DeVan, and Ryan Harris are all still out there. There's still time because they won't be able to practice until Thursday anyways. I'd prefer it gets done soon though, because I'd like to get them the playbook asap.
  9. whitesoxbrian

    Official 2011-2012 NFL Thread

    It's ridiculous that Kreutz wasn't brought back for only $500k more but it's also ridiculous that he didn't just take $4m. It's time to move on though, and the players have to as well.
  10. whitesoxbrian

    Official 2011-2012 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (maggsmaggs @ Jul 31, 2011 -> 12:57 AM) If Kreutz is not going to be re-signed, we better be signing O'Hara or Spencer tomorrow. If Garza is the starting center this year... Initially, I set the O/U on this board for 4.5 wins in 2011 for the Bears if Kreutz leaves, and of course I got a smarta** response from none other than Steve. I say 4.5 because while I truly don't think Kreutz is worth that big of a dropoff, I don't trust the FO to bring in a veteran. Rather, there would be a dropoff if they let him walk and put Williams, Garza, or E.Williams at C.
  11. whitesoxbrian

    Official 2011-2012 NFL Thread

    To say their letting options get away is overreacting. I posted a page or 2 back all of the FA options still out there at OL. Chris Spencer, Kyle Cook, or Shaun O'Hara can be Kreutz's replacement. I'm one of the few who, knowing Kreutz was bad last year, wishes he'd come back from a leadership perspective. If they can sign Justin Blalock and O'Hara/Cook/Spencer, the OL would be upgraded with the drafting of Carimi.
  12. whitesoxbrian

    Official 2011-2012 NFL Thread

    Bears sign Marion Barber. NOW SIGN KREUTZ (or Chris Spencer).
  13. whitesoxbrian

    Official 2011-2012 NFL Thread

    Really? They offered Kreutz $4 million for 1 year only?
  14. whitesoxbrian

    Official 2011-2012 NFL Thread

    Kreutz is unlikely to return, per JD and Wright at ESPN 1000. QUOTE (maggsmaggs @ Jul 30, 2011 -> 05:36 PM) So what exactly are the Bears waiting for in signing offensive linemen? We clearly need at least two (center and tackle), and probably need another guard, as well. The Bears are under the cap by a significant margin, which makes me pissed when I see them taking their sweet-ass time. Do the Bears management realize that the team only won 11 games largely through smoke and mirrors? Everyone in the division is getting better, meanwhile Jerry Angelo naps on the job. Do explain this..
  15. whitesoxbrian

    Official 2011-2012 NFL Thread

    Cullen Jenkins to the Eagles, 5yr/$25m.