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  1. This guy is a loon.
  2. “YOU WANNA GO BRO?! I’M RIGHT HERE!” What a psychopath.
  3. Harold, you think this is misdirection?
  4. Literally tweeted earlier this year that Bauer had an agreement with the Mets and we know how that turned out.
  5. Sockin

    GT 6/27 G1: Mariners @ SOX

    Gallo made sense before but If Abreu is out for any significant amount of time, he makes even more sense.
  6. It’s absolutely a troll job.
  7. Obviously Bob is worth paying attention to because its who Reinsdorf talks to but he traditionally has next to 0 credibility after he announced Bauer was signing with the Mets.
  8. Think this just got PPD, FanDuel took it off the schedule.
  9. Sockin

    The TLR Manager Thread

    There were 3 players giving literal proof online that they don’t agree with you idiot.
  10. Sockin

    The TLR Manager Thread

  11. Sockin

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Just compared Giolito to David Eckstein on the post game interview so you know things are going great.
  12. Sockin

    TLR publicity train

    Apparently TLR is 90 min late to media scrum.