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  1. Paulie4Pres

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/13 12:10 ct

    TLR vindicated for Garcia in the 1 hole. Haha
  2. Paulie4Pres

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/13 12:10 ct

    Rodon is a fucking monster. Maybe not, but I thought it was fitting.
  3. Paulie4Pres

    Blue Jays @ Sox, 6/10 7:10 cst

    Grandal seriously walks, hits a HR, or strikes out every at bat. Lol
  4. Paulie4Pres

    Blue Jays @ Sox, 6/10 7:10 cst

    Get hot Abreu. Please.
  5. Paulie4Pres

    Blue Jays @ Sox, 6/10 7:10 cst

    Yermin is so strong. That was impressive.
  6. This has to be schtick, right? You can't be this nonsensical.
  7. Imagine believing that waving the white flag while up four games in a bad division, with the best rotation in baseball, was a good idea. Imagine this. Especially with Robert and Jimenez on schedule to return in August... Give your fucking head a shake.
  8. Holy shit. Throw a fucking strike, Sox.
  9. Sigh..... Fucking cursed. I would think he would be in more pain if it was his achilles.
  10. Paulie4Pres

    Sox lead the AL(and most of the NL) in sac bunts

    Imagine supporting this clown. The White Sox bunt more than most teams in the NL, who have a guaranteed out in their lineup most days. It's indefensible.
  11. Paulie4Pres

    Jose Abreu - BAD in high leverage situations

    Lock this thread up. Yes, let's look at this small sample size, instead of what he's done the last few years. Makes sense.🙄