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  1. UofIChiSox

    Greetings from Comerica

    My main question is this.. Do they do the O-E-O Magglio thing there?
  2. UofIChiSox

    Anyone else going to opening day?

    I'll be there, somewhere in the upper deck, but I think my buddy and I are thinking about getting there around noon and waiting in line for the bullpen sports bar. That'll still be a first come first serve seating area on the patio there, right?
  3. UofIChiSox

    1st trip to Spring Training

    Look for the walkway between the Sox clubhouse and the stadium, then stand back there. There will be a fence between you and the players, but I was able to get Big Hurt to autograph a jersey for me when he was walking to the park from the clubhouse.
  4. UofIChiSox

    Sox Broadcast Schedule

    I thought Comcast was showing like 18 spring training games, is that right?
  5. UofIChiSox

    What're the chances?

    I wouldn't dump Boras. Boras is in the best position to take what Crede did in the postseason and cash it in with millions of dollars over several years. I'm sure Joe Crede likes being in Chicago and enjoyed winning a World Series, but the fact is he isn't a diehard fan like us, he's a professional, it's his job, and he probably wants to make as much as possible doing it.
  6. UofIChiSox

    review of the MLB playoffs/WS dvd

    I definitely understand where they are coming from. When I got the DVD, I was certainly surprised that there wasn't more coverage of the Astros. I obviously didn't complain about it, but I did notice it. Hell, they followed Sox players, I'd have liked it just as much to have some behind the scenes stuff of the Astros. Seen what their locker room was like after the games and what not. But it's all good, I love the DVD, and I'm going to go pop it in right now.
  7. UofIChiSox

    Thank You Frank Thomas.

    I just hope that when Frank's face in unveiled on the wall at US Cellular before the first game he plays there in a new uniform next season.
  8. UofIChiSox


    I'll bite on the devil's advocate, picture Thome hitting .207 with 7 homers and being injured for the majority of the season next year. And our centerfielder not getting to every fly ball.
  9. UofIChiSox

    Josh Beckett

    I've heard the mystery team was the Dodgers too, but I don't have anymore info than that.
  10. UofIChiSox

    Grinder Rules

    I'm assuming most of you have seen this, but it's still sweet.
  11. UofIChiSox

    Yankees ask about Rowand

    IF Rowand went to the Yankees he'd probably win the next 6 Gold Gloves.
  12. UofIChiSox

    Tom Verducci nominates Kong

    That is really awesome.
  13. UofIChiSox

    white sox tatoo

    Another thing that might be kinda cool would be to get a flag pole with championship flags on it from 1906, 1917, and 2005, it'd end up being pretty big though.
  14. UofIChiSox

    Green Seats?

    I know those are just drawings, but those green seats will look SO much better than the bright blue.
  15. UofIChiSox

    P I C T U R E S

    This isn't celebration related, but I didn't think it merited its own thread and this is a picture thread. My friends little bro goes to Auburn, and they visited the Auburn Sports Hall of Fame and saw this....