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  1. HahnsKiddieTable

    Albert Pujols

    Please please please no injury to Abreu or Mercedes any times soon....because if there is you know whose being brought in...
  2. HahnsKiddieTable

    Albert Pujols

    So when is the presser for the signing then?
  3. HahnsKiddieTable

    The TLR Manager Thread

    He’s already easily cost the team 3-5 games and it’s only May 6
  4. HahnsKiddieTable

    Albert Pujols

  5. HahnsKiddieTable

    Pritzker: 60% capacity is close

    Gotta open up those seats to see the great Albert Pujols play. Those tix are gonna sell like hotcakes
  6. HahnsKiddieTable

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Imagine being Rick Renteria right now.....he’s probably dying of laughter these past few weeks
  7. HahnsKiddieTable

    Albert Pujols

    TLR - “he just needs a change of scenery”
  8. HahnsKiddieTable

    The TLR Manager Thread

    The money will be spent....
  9. HahnsKiddieTable

    The TLR Manager Thread

  10. HahnsKiddieTable

    Albert Pujols

    Sorry bro, I’m not about this move in the slightest but with what I’ve seen this past few months from this organization, this is almost a book it scenario in my opinion.
  11. HahnsKiddieTable

    Albert Pujols

  12. HahnsKiddieTable

    Albert Pujols

    NBCSN and our Chuck beating that drum I just got an alert about Pujols from the my teams app.....this is so happening
  13. HahnsKiddieTable

    Albert Pujols

    I agree with you 1000 percent that he has no fit on this team but telling TLR that is a different story. Pujols wants to go somewhere he can play and there is no manager in their right mind who will give him that opportunity outside of probably TLR. No angst about it just not going to put it past this guy
  14. HahnsKiddieTable

    Albert Pujols

    LOL......here it comes
  15. HahnsKiddieTable

    Albert Pujols

    Has that stopped them before? TLR is a really bad fit, yet he is here...