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  1. Springfield Soxfan

    Luis Robert cleared for Rehab Assignment

    Who is the transaction today? Robert or Lamb?
  2. Springfield Soxfan

    Trea Turner

    I love Turner!! Up until this year with we had drafted him over Rodon.
  3. Springfield Soxfan

    The Eloy-Vaughn-Burger-Sheets Conundrum

    No way Burger or Sheets gets traded. These issues usually find a way to work themselves out as someone else will go down. Never have seen depth like this is my life. So awesome.
  4. Springfield Soxfan

    Draft Day 3 Thread rounds 11-20

    The team negotiates with agents and families at every minute during the draft. When they come to terms they draft them immediately in the next round. My understanding it’s not about the round after 10 it is when the player agrees that he will sign.
  5. Springfield Soxfan

    2021 MLB Draft Day 2 Thread

    Fabian in round 2 please.
  6. Springfield Soxfan

    FS: 2021 Draft Prospect Profiles

    I’m for Fabian…….high ceiling. Take a chance.
  7. Springfield Soxfan

    Gavin Sheets - STUD

    Totally agree with this. Give Beckham a shot over Mendick.
  8. Springfield Soxfan

    FS: 2021 Draft Prospect Profiles

    Please pick Fabian.
  9. Springfield Soxfan

    Sheets up, Hamilton back, Lamb to IL, Gonzalez down

    Surprised Sheets over Gonzalez due to outfield situation.
  10. Springfield Soxfan

    Abreu left knee injury from HBP

    Abreu needs a short DL trip to get healthy. He’s not right.
  11. Springfield Soxfan

    GT 6/27 G2: Mariners @ SOX

    Need another outfielder…
  12. Springfield Soxfan

    GT 6/27 G2: Mariners @ SOX

    Goodwin had 5 RBI’s (I believe) in his first game and only has one since.
  13. Springfield Soxfan

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    I would like Fabian but it sure seems that everyone thinks Sox are taking Montgomery.
  14. Springfield Soxfan

    Internal Hitting Options (Split from Escobar thread)

    Amen to this. Please let this happen today. Just send all three to minors. Need a spark.
  15. Springfield Soxfan

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    Still hoping for Fabian….