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  1. WHarris1

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    This feels like a really bad dream. How TF can this be real life?!
  2. WHarris1

    9.1.20 GT | Sox @ Twins | 7:10PM CT

    How do you not sub for PR and defense for Nomar now? Even if you do let him hit, that’s a no brainer.
  3. WHarris1

    White Sox Acquire Jarrod Dyson from PIT

    Dyson-Robert-Engel late inning OF D, and a PR threat off the bench. Why not?
  4. WHarris1

    7/28 Sox/Indians Double Header thread

    This lineup is so absurd I had to come out of hibernation to join the fun
  5. WHarris1

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    I’m here for the nostalgia
  6. WHarris1

    Irrational fondness of a player who completely sucks

    Hey! I've got a good one!
  7. WHarris1

    8/21/2017 Twins @ White Sox

    QUOTE (Tony @ Aug 21, 2017 -> 07:10 PM) 22 years old Shin splints, collision with Garcia, thumb injury Less than 150 MLB AB's Been in a new city for less than a month Still holding a .320 OBP But lets completely write him off and already talk about how the Sale trade was a mistake. ^^ I wish you could "Like" posts.
  8. WHarris1

    7-21 Games

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Jul 21, 2017 -> 08:12 PM) Who the f*** is Winston Salem's manager? They just pulled Jimenez with the bases loaded for Booker. You watch your mouth!
  9. WHarris1

    2014-2015 NBA thread

    QUOTE (Jenksismyb**** @ Jun 26, 2014 -> 07:02 PM) Chad Ford says they save 900k in cap space with the move. MarkDeeksNBA: #16 and #19 for #11 does NOT save money for Chicago. Difference between cap holds + extra needed roster charge = almost identical money. KCJHoop: This McDermott deal is actually less a money saver (only about $350K) than an addition that puts Dunleavy in play for sign-and-trade talks.
  10. WHarris1

    2014-2015 NBA thread

    QUOTE (Jenksismyb**** @ Jun 26, 2014 -> 07:00 PM) 19th pick is a million i think The difference between 11 + roster hold vs. 16 and 19s is under 500K.
  11. WHarris1

    2014-2015 NBA thread

    Just for clarity sake that move does essentially nothing from a cap perspective
  12. WHarris1

    Please welcome Jim & Blake

    wite an Admin? This is the beginning of the end. Congrats Tex! :cheers
  13. WHarris1

    5/6 at Cubs

    God damn that was brutal. Routine play, Gordon