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  1. Sox72

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    Damn. He certainly had the most “upside” of the starters available in FA. Personally, I am in the camp of not wanting to trade assets for SP when we can spend what appears to be affordable prices for one.
  2. Sox72

    Corey Kluber to Yanks per Passan

    Quiet. This is now reserved for the much-more-interesting hot dog topping debate.
  3. Sox72

    Backup Catcher

    That’s reflective of one of my biggest problems with these rankings. I believe that his ranking is in large part due to the contract he just signed and that he signed it with the Mets. If he stayed on as the Sox backup catcher (never would have happened), I don’t think they would have rated him in the top 10. These rankings ARE fun - just not really indicative of much. (this post has no bearing on my opinion of whether he actually is top 10 or not)
  4. Sox72

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    I know he was once desirable (first year), but I hesitate at giving up near anything for him and his 2020 -0.2 WAR. Where’s the need? I would hope we are only trading for pitching at this point.
  5. Sox72

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    Keep posting. The “block” feature makes this board exponentially better. There are some great posters with fantastic insight. And you should look forward to engaging with them. The nice thing about the “block” is that you don’t have to look away with one eye open, tempted to take a peek. It filters out the garbage posters automatically. I have used it on several, and it’s part of the reason this is my most-visited website in my downtime.
  6. Sox72

    Hypothetical question re: Eaton

    What a weird thread. Started by someone who needed to feel validated. Propped up by posters who saw it as an opportunity to bring down one of the best posters on the site via mob mentality. And then not only NOT shut down by mods, but used by one to jump on the bandwagon and call names. I guess keep it up if you just want Sox Talk to be filled with Rons and the like. Maybe that’s the endgame?
  7. Sox72

    Offseason Targets

    Not karma. Just old fashioned poor management and decision-making.
  8. Sox72

    Offseason Targets

    I like the optimism, so I’ll blindly choose to share in it. That is, after all, what being a sports fan is. Fingers hesitantly crossed.
  9. Sox72

    Offseason Targets

    Whoa. I get your point, but that’s quite the leap. Let’s wait until a high profile free agent (not past his prime) actually signs with the Bulls.
  10. Sox72

    White Sox Face Masks

    Yes! Great find!
  11. He loved it so much so that he signed with the Phillies...
  12. Sox72

    White Sox about to win me $1,000,000

    It’s just incredible. He still may be UNDERRATED. (At least by the average fan)
  13. Sox72

    Y2Jimmy > National Reports (Moncada extended 5 years)

    I don’t get it. Why ISN’T everyone here giving him credit? Because we don’t know whether he posts on this board? This is confusing. Especially when I believe he’s continuing to show he does have some sort of source.
  14. This thread is a prime showcase of the posters who like to b**** for the sake of b****ing.
  15. Sox72

    Betts to Dodgers

    What in the F*** kind of report is this?!?