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  1. deezpac

    Shingo Misses Chicago, Loves Guillen

    QUOTE(iamshack @ Jul 13, 2006 -> 02:57 AM) Hmm, well, I suppose Shingo would just have to count on meeting up with Tadahito in the City for sushi. They could alternate between Chicago and Arlington Heights. i loved shingo and was very sad to see him let go. i remember reading somewhere that one of Shingo's favorite restaurants was Hooters, i always smile when i think of him sitting down to a plate of wings and eyeing the waitresses.
  2. deezpac

    Boers&Bernstien Are Idiots

    QUOTE(Chisoxrd5 @ Jun 22, 2005 -> 03:56 PM) Oh you crazy folks who get all worked up over Borse & Bernsie... I absolutely love listening to those guys and could care less what their 'opinions' are. They are both just trying to rile up the idiots and rarely discuss any of their actual beliefs on any sports topics. i too love Dan & Terry, they entertain me whenever i listen to them.
  3. deezpac

    Cleveland is a growing threat

    QUOTE(ZoomSlowik @ Jun 21, 2005 -> 01:11 AM) I made a statement previously before I did the math. If the Sox go .500 the rest of the way (47-47), they will have 103 wins. It's not hard to imagine the Sox doing that, but it is certainly difficult to see the Twins much less the Indians winning that many games. if the sox go .500 the rest of the way they will finish with 93 wins. DJ made the same mistake during tonights telecast, the sox are 46-22 with 94 games left. A .500 record from now on would give them 47 more wins, 46+47 = 93. i think the indians are a good team, i could see them finishing second in this division and making a run at the wildcard.
  4. deezpac

    The Score after the game last night....

    it was a caller who suggested the trade. the host, Laurence Holmes, said that it was the worst trade proposal in the history of The Score and proceeded to shut down the phone lines.
  5. deezpac


    QUOTE(Gldfinger5 @ Apr 17, 2005 -> 04:53 PM) I'll try 37. Thanks deezpac. if you want to try out CSN channel 37 before the sox game at 2 it will be womens college gymnastics.
  6. deezpac


    it sounds like you may have RCN cable. if so, RCN changed their channel lineup on April 15th resulting in Comcast SportsNet moving from channel 51 to 37.
  7. deezpac

    Needed: A Good Bar to watch the Sox

    QUOTE(RockRaines @ Mar 8, 2005 -> 02:03 AM) Didnt need the judgements there, I go there cause i work there and cause cotts and adkins frequent there cause cotts is dating a bartender there. But in all honesty I think the best place to go would be birdsnest on southport and altgeld, best wings in the city and they have pabst in the can. PLus their food is awesome and it would be easy to take over. Not to mention the huge pic od old comiskey on the wall. we should try it our so i went to BW3's today for the game and it was great. When i walked in (about 1:50) i cautiosly asked the bartender if at 2 i could get one of the tv's put on Comcast Sports. His reply " For the Sox Game? Hell yeah i'm putting it on with volume." At the time there were about 7 people there, by the 3rd inning i was alone. I was talking to Tim (the bartender) about how i had heard that BW3's was an Indians bar and he said that all of last year he had only a few requests for an Indians game to be on tv. The most important thing that i took away from todays adventure was that Tim (BW3's Bartender) turned out to be the General Manager and a HUGE Sox Fan. He not only welcomed me but stated that he would LOVE for BW3's to become a northside hangout for Sox fans. I will be there on Wednesday for the Sox and the $2.50 23oz Buds and 50cent wings. Lets take over this great place Deez
  8. deezpac

    Needed: A Good Bar to watch the Sox

    QUOTE(RockRaines @ Mar 7, 2005 -> 06:42 PM) DO NOT go to BW3's on lincoln, I live right there and its an indians fan base. Since I too live in the middle of cub-ville in LP, I am always on the look out for a bar as well. Last season we took up with wrightwood tap which is right across the street from where I live, but im sure there is a better place with less idiot cubs fans. Im interested to know as well. Maybe we should all just designate a place and take it over. Im sure we can drive some of those cubs fans right out the door. I absolutly hate The Wrightwood Tap (at least at night) so i would rather not go there. I would be very interested in talking over a bar and turning it into a Sox bar. I am planning on gong to as many games as my budget will allow however when the Sox are out of town or i have to work that night i would like to have a bar where i can watch the game. I have close access to the red line so i could take the train to the south side for certain games. What are some of the bars you guys would recomend?
  9. I live in the Wrigleyville / Lakeview area and would like to find a fun bar where i can watch my sox and not be surrounded by moron cub fans. I'm going to BW3's today in hopes that i can get a tv but with the cubs game on ESPN i don't know how much luck i'll have. Anyone know of a place where i can go? I'd really like to get audio along with the tv but i can deal as long as the beer flows cheaply. thanks
  10. deezpac

    Shingo Pictures

    wow, that is a great typo. i did of course mean to type "shirts"
  11. deezpac

    Shingo Pictures

    I'm trying to design a logo that will go on the back of my new bowling team's s***s. The team name "Shingo Time". I need a few pictures of him to get my imagination going. any and all help will be appreciated. deezpac
  12. deezpac

    Bullpen sports bar

    i'm going to the game on tuesday and it's my first game back since i moved to colorado 5 years ago. i'm wondering what it takes to get into the bullpen sports bar since i'd like to watch from there. my friends and i were going to be gettin lower deck seats (no bleachers) to watch the game. any pointers about what i should do? how early should i get there?
  13. deezpac

    Frank Thomas is Staying With Sox

    i'm not really sure if i like Frank comming back. As a kid growing up Frank Thomas was my favorite player and a big reason why i'm a Sox fan in the first place, but as i've grown older his attitude and selfishness has kinda worn thin with me. Who are some other 6 million dollar guys? i guess if 6 mil is a bargan than i like the move, but i'd rather have more speed in the line up. didn't Tommy Herr bat #3 behind Coleman and Ozzie Smith with Willie McGee in the 5 hole? at least that was the order in RBI Baseball (best baseball game ever) i miss a lot of news being here in Colorado but what's the deal with Robbie and Jose? I wish i could listen to more Chicago news, i've really missed the Score since i moved away.
  14. deezpac

    Can Willie Harris

    i would love to see willie in the lineup on an everyday basis. speed on base can cause havoc for opposing defenses. i think his ideal position would be CF but if Robbie doesn't come back i wouldn't mind him at second. if he could make the necessary adjustments to his swing he would be great in the leadoff role. with him on base more it would help Carlos (assuming he stays in the 2 hole) by distracting the pitcher and him seeing more fastballs. if willie can get the at bats and combine that with a comitment to basehits and not homeruns i can see a season maybe not as good as Pierre's but better than Mike Caruso's (the last speed orientated player that the sox have had that i liked)
  15. deezpac

    Game Thread - 9/16/03

    I'm assuming that sandy is now in at catcher, cbs sportsline doesn't show it