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  1. thxfrthmmrs

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Couldn’t think of worse comparisons.
  2. Madrigal has now hit more HRs than Harold and Fathom combined.
  3. thxfrthmmrs

    White Sox are still a World Series Contender

    Could you imagine getting waking up everyday with a pessimistic outlook on just about everything? That must be exhausting, isn’t it?
  4. thxfrthmmrs

    2020/2021 NCAA Basketball Thread

    I watched it and it definitely helped break down their defensive philosophy. And I agreed Underwood did not prepare the team enough to face this D, that’s why they got embarrassed. From the video, you could clearly learn their tendencies and limitations, and what the teams that had success against them were doing. Is Loyola underrated, talented, and a tough team to beat? Yes. But with the talent Illini had, they could have handled this team with a better game plan, or at least making necessary half time adjustments. But I saw zero half time adjustment yesterday. When they got stifled on offense, the players got frustrated, then Ayo, Curbelo, and Frazier started playing hero ball forcing up tough shots and turning the ball over. It was pretty evident where Illinois fell short yesterday.
  5. thxfrthmmrs

    2020/2021 NCAA Basketball Thread

    I agree with what you said except the bold. Against a well coached team with a suffocating defense in the tournament they needed a game plan. They didn’t have a good game plan and get shook when they couldn’t get the normal offense going.
  6. thxfrthmmrs

    2020/2021 NCAA Basketball Thread

    They simply got out-coached today, plain and simple, it wasn’t a matter of talent or if the guys on this team were talented enough to win. They tried forcing the ball into Cockburn who got doubled or triple teamed at time and others were just standing around ball watching. Loyola also brought pressure on the ball on the perimeter and Ayo and Curbelo tried to force their way into making something happen. I think they needed to focus on the fundamentals - set better screens to get guys open, move the ball around, and get guys move around off ball and get to the basket. I was hoping they wake up and make adjustments after halftime but that didn’t happen. Defensively they didn’t bring the same intensity as they did in the big games this year, especially against Michigan. They let Loyola get too comfortable, their were too few doubles and traps when they had the ball deep the in the post and they feasted. It’s like their confidence was shook not being able get anything going on offense and they gave up trying on defense. Had they taken this game seriously, went in preparing for a fight, get more tapes on Loyola’s defense and also had the week to prepare for this game (meaning facing them in the second weekend), I could see them escaping with a W.
  7. thxfrthmmrs

    2020/2021 NCAA Basketball Thread

    I’ve said when brackets were released this was going to be a tough game for Illinois. Loyola is extremely well coached and they came ready to play. You could tell Illinois were not ready in the first half to play a team of Loyola’s caliber in the second round after a cakewalk in the first round.
  8. thxfrthmmrs

    2020/2021 NCAA Basketball Thread

    Loyola is showing why they should have been much higher than an 8th seeded. Their D is forcing a lot of turnovers for the Illini, which has been one of Illinois’s weakness this year.
  9. thxfrthmmrs

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

  10. thxfrthmmrs

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    Never mind that this draft is loaded with WR. Why cut your top corner and use that money to for a WR when you could get a productive WR 3rd round or later in the draft?
  11. thxfrthmmrs

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    Sorry, you say you are not defending Pace, yet your second paragraph says otherwise. It's pretty clear what Tony has laid out, you either go all in and trade for a franchise QB, or you draft a QB in the first round, take the cap hits now and start rebuilding. Signing Dalton, trying to go 7-9 and position yourself to be "competitive" is the worst strategy for this team right now. And no, no way in hell I would pay $10M (at the expense of losing Fuller) to have Dalton "enable solid talent evaluation" of my offense instead of sticking to Foles. This is a very Pace apologist take. Truth to be told, back to your original post, if I were Pace, I would have tried landing Russ or Watson (which he did) and when that fails, I wouldn't have jumped the gun to settle for a marginal upgrade. Let the market play itself out. I wouldn't have bid against myself. There is literally one other team in the market for Dalton. The 49ers were not going to him $10M for his service. Pats paid Cam $5M in 2020. Pace should have learned his fucking lessons in 2020 with the Foles trade, this is committing the same mistake twice. Also, how is it fucking possible that they failed to get anything in return for Fuller and outright releasing him? Bears basically traded their CB1 to marginally upgrade their QB, which someone who is better suited as a backup. This is just awful execution.
  12. thxfrthmmrs

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    What a turn of events. Just 24 hours ago we thought Russ/TW combo was a real possibility, now we’re rolling with Andy Dalton.
  13. thxfrthmmrs

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    Not to mention Trubisky is 26 and still has a slim chance of getting better. Dalton is 33 and his best days are behind him. I get that Pace doesn’t want to bring back Mitch and deal with perception of not making changes on offense, but Dalton isn’t going to help him keep his job either, I could guarantee that. What a dumb fucking move.
  14. thxfrthmmrs

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, I rather have Trubisky back.
  15. thxfrthmmrs

    2020/2021 NCAA Basketball Thread

    Agreed. I thought they were right there with the B1G down the stretch if not better. And OKSU basically played the best teams in that conference the last 8 games and went 6-2, and Cunningham has been playing like the #1 overall pick for them.