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  1. tkling36

    T-Mobile Free MLB.TV

    Says you can only get it on the web browser version of the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.....and I still don't see it there.
  2. tkling36

    Most Memorable Sox Game You've Attended?

    Game 1 and game 2 of World Series Carlos Lee Walk off slam against the Cubs ALDS game 1 when they routed the Red Sox July 2nd 2003 against the Twins. Konerko was having a terrible year but hit a homer off Guardado in the 11th to tie and Frank hit a walk off in the 12th off Guardado. Ball landed like a row in front of me and my friend in the left field bleacher area. I remember on sportscenter that night you could see us going nuts with everyone in the stands. That was when the Twins hatred was in full effect.
  3. tkling36

    MLB cheating scandal

    I would've liked to have seen them get hit with a stricter luxury tax threshold as well. It's 208 million for 2020. For the Astros, should have it lowered to like 125 million or something and they have to pay the taxes this year and leave something in place for a few years instead of a 5 million fine.
  4. tkling36

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Yeah, not offended by it either. Just always been annoyed my whole life how every one thinks I just randomly jumped on the Favre bandwagon.
  5. tkling36

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    I am from Chicago, live in Chicago and am a lifelong Packers fan. My grandparents were big Chicago Cardinals fans. They hated the Bears/Cubs and were all about the Sox and Cardinals. When the Cardinals left for St. Louis in 1960, my grandparents couldn't stomach rooting for them in another city but also still hated the Bears and couldn't root for them. My grandfather swore off pro-football but my grandma ended up a Packers fan out of her hate for the Bears. There was a hardcore subset of Cardinals fans that eventually just picked another team to follow. So maybe the reasons are petty or stupid why she chose that team but growing up, I was close with my grandma and start watching games with her as a kid in the Don Majkowski days. Been my team ever since. If I am not a true Chicagoan because of that, then so be it.
  6. tkling36

    Managerial Openings

    Apparently the Cubs are hiring David Ross per Kaplan
  7. tkling36

    Yonder DFA'd

    Cease is set to start tonight in Charlotte so it won't be him.
  8. tkling36

    Sox @ Boston, 6:10

    I just walk away from the tv when Alonso comes to the plate. I don’t need to see the AB or the frustration it provides.
  9. tkling36

    GT Chicago vs Chicago, 6/19/19, 7:05 CT

    Yeah maybe Ricky should get tossed cause Blaser sucks, but I haven’t seen anyone move closer to the plate to take away that outside strike either. If you know they are pounding that part of the zone all night and getting the call, you can’t just go up there doing the same thing and expect different results
  10. tkling36

    GT Chicago vs Chicago, 6/19/19, 7:05 CT

    I’d be cool with a hit by pitch
  11. tkling36

    GT Chicago vs Chicago, 6/19/19, 7:05 CT

    The cub fans should be giving Blaser an ovation cause Lester sure didn’t look all that great tonight
  12. tkling36

    GT Chicago vs Chicago, 6/19/19, 7:05 CT

    Man, one mediocre outing and there are people just ready to rail on Lucas. Get a life. Even the best pitchers in baseball get rocked once in awhile. It happens. Some people on this board act like life is over and they are ready to jump off a ledge the instant a guy makes one bad play or has one bad outing.
  13. tkling36

    6/4 Games

    Yeah, I know the team isn't going to confirm it but I personally have not seen any reliable source say anything to hint it's soon. I heard maybe after the all-star break but nothing concrete. Are we past the super 2 deadline at this point?
  14. tkling36

    6/4 Games

    Is this confirmed or we all just speculating still?
  15. tkling36

    Sox vs Indians 5/14 1:10PM CT

    Played in every game this year so he gets today and tomorrow to rest and is 0-12 career against Carrasco.