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  1. Donny Lucy's Avocado Farm

    Deadline Prediction Thread

    "Getting Eloy back is like trading for the missing piece, and we didn't have to give anything up!"
  2. Donny Lucy's Avocado Farm

    Yermin retiring? Nope. Wait, maybe yes? Wait, he's active in Charlotte again.

    And if they are the type of org that would do this, then we'll never hear about it out of respect for the player's privacy.
  3. Donny Lucy's Avocado Farm

    Yermin retiring? Nope. Wait, maybe yes? Wait, he's active in Charlotte again.

    Lineups not posted yet but its worth watching https://www.milb.com/gameday/knights-vs-bulls/2021/07/21/650052#game_state=preview,lock_state=preview,game_tab=,game=650052
  4. Donny Lucy's Avocado Farm

    The Eloy-Vaughn-Burger-Sheets Conundrum

    When the Sox get some offense back from the disabled list, I think getting offensive production from catcher is really just gravy, so long as the pitching is still there. Sox won a world series with a softball player as their backup catcher.
  5. Donny Lucy's Avocado Farm

    Deadline Prediction Thread

    Does anyone know if there has been an update on Evan Marshall? Are the Sox gonna treat him like a deadline pickup?
  6. Donny Lucy's Avocado Farm

    7/17- Astros at White Sox, 6:15

    I'm probably getting way ahead of myself but if this team amounts to anything in September and October this season, TIm Anderson gotta get some MVP consideration.
  7. Donny Lucy's Avocado Farm

    Lance Lynn locked up 2 years 38 mill + club option

  8. Donny Lucy's Avocado Farm

    ReyLo skipped at AAA: Spot start? Hug watch? stayed tuned

    It's conceivably possible that it's Lambert in a trade and ReyLo is coming up to make that doubleheader start in his place. Or, maybe even the FO wasn't 100% thrilled with Lambert's work so far pitching in doubleheaders and is opting for ReyLo. I dunno.
  9. Donny Lucy's Avocado Farm

    Engel back, Eaton DFA

    Joc had a historically bad April. He's been pretty typical Joc since.
  10. Donny Lucy's Avocado Farm

    Sox @ Tigers, 6/11 6:10 cst

    I wonder if this has to do with nicotine or some byproduct of smoking/dopamine. I vape (quit smoking several years back) and I have terribly lucid dreams that are difficult to distinguish from reality.
  11. Donny Lucy's Avocado Farm

    Madrigal goes on 60 day DL, Hamstring tear: Goodwin recalled

    this is the right take. well, for me anyway.
  12. Donny Lucy's Avocado Farm

    Lynn 1, Hendriks 2, Rodon 7 in ESPN Cy Predictor

    Glad its not just me.
  13. Donny Lucy's Avocado Farm

    The Makings of a Juggernaut?

    You can ban traffic on your wifi router/hardware based on IP and domain.
  14. I think I might just be missing some of the "unwritten rules" and I had the broadcast muted, but... why wasn't TLR in the crew chief's ear about the foreign substance in the glove?
  15. Donny Lucy's Avocado Farm

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Could TLR's on and off the field actions harm the value of the White Sox?