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  1. Cease has such filthy stuff. God help the league if he finds consistent command. God help us fans if he doesn’t.
  2. cws0591

    Student Loan Debt

    I have really been torn on this topic. I have student loan debt. I also feel like I did everything right up to this point and if debt is forgiven I will be punished. Went to a community college for two years. paid out of pocket. Went to Niu for my Bachelors. Fafsa loans would only cover about 70% of my tuition so I worked two jobs while in college to pay the remaining 30%. absolutely this affected both my ability to take on internships(I believe my biggest mistake) and also do school activities outside of going to class. When I finished school I threw all of my excess funds from my job and also a pretty decent investment portfolio I built up at my 6.5 and 5.5 interest rate loans. paid those off. I still owe right around 20k and thank god for the covid moratorium on those loans because living was very tight with the additional 260 a month payment for those remaining loans. If there is loan forgiveness I will absolutely be upset about grinding away and causing my self short-term hardship. But its the right thing to do.
  3. cws0591

    2020 Election Thoughts

    I think that between the round the clock warnings about how beefy the police/military presence is and also the fact that the FBI/big business is cutting the ability for these people to organize in any meaningful way, we wont see any groups. What I am really worried about is lone wolf nutjobs.
  4. cws0591

    2020 Election Thoughts

    Long LONG time lurker and I had to find my username and password to add my two cents to this whole thing. Greg I get why you are pulling to extremes on this stuff. It’s easy. It’s the way media is going because that is what gets eye balls. But you really need to fight against it. I was really curious about your claim that Portland was still rioting so I did some googling. If you believe that broken windows and graffiti constitutes rioting then Chicago has been rioting since the day I was born… The answer to mass media issues isn’t watching some guy in Portland hunting down antifa, home video style. I watched about 10 minutes of one of those videos you posted and I had to stop. The guy in the video was even talking about the protestors like they were the enemy. It’s toxic and unhealthy. The most important thing is that this is a both sides issue and It’s important that you know that I’m not the left attacking the right. I have a buddy at work that thinks socialism is the golden answer to all of Americas problems and every time a black person is killed by a cop its cold blooded murder. And I tell him this for everything he gets ticked off by. Take some time and find information about the issue from as many sources as you can. None will be 100% truth or fact but you can build a pretty good idea as to what the truth and facts are. Mr. portland antifa hunter isn't the authority on Portland and their unrest.
  5. cws0591

    2014 Fantasy Football Thread

    Ok guys, so Who should I start this week. Pierre garcon, t.y. Hilton, or Brian quick.
  6. cws0591

    2014 Fantasy Football Thread

    How about this trade. I trade away Bennett and McCoy for Julio jones and Bradshaw. My other receivers are garçon, Nelson, and Hilton. My other rbs are Hyde, Moreno, and Murray. I also have Jordan Cameron at te.
  7. cws0591

    2014 Fantasy Football Thread

    Should I trade martellus Bennett for desean jackson
  8. cws0591

    *Official* Work Out Thread

    Hey guys! I have been lifting regularly for about 6 months now. I have always had pain(in outside of forearms) just when I release the preacher bar after doing a set of preacher curls. But now it has extended past just the exercise itself. I have pain randomly throughout my day in the outside of both of my forearms. I also now have the pain sometimes doing any upper body exercise. Do you guys have any recommendations or possible resolutions? Also I have already stopped doing preacher curls and substitute other bicep lifts
  9. cws0591

    Actual Baseball Trade Rumors From Legitimate Non-Imaginary Sources

    Mlbtraderumors thinks it's to the As. If true their rotation is dirty....
  10. cws0591

    2014 Catch-all Anything thread

    QUOTE (farmteam @ May 8, 2014 -> 11:20 AM) Just finished my last final. See ya, law school. What law school did you go to?
  11. cws0591

    4/15; Red Sox @ White Sox

    I heard a decent amount of boos from the crowd for a.j. Does anybody know if that was how people reacted to all of his at bats?
  12. QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Oct 11, 2013 -> 07:28 AM) Given the rate of elected office->lobbyist we have now, I don't see how term limits would change that. Term limits take away choice from the voters. They ensure that there will always be a fresh stream of inexperienced people in elected offices. And, IIRC, there's little evidence that they really do much to improve governance. It gives more power to the political machines to produce a constant stream of candidates. This is absolutely true. All that will be done is that the behind the scenes party leaders gain even more power(as if they don't have enough). The best solution is to just simply create more transparency in donations. As people are educated about who donates and for what reasons then they can vote with more clarity.
  13. cws0591

    Fantasy football advice thread

    QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Nov 5, 2013 -> 10:38 AM) Locker or Foles as a replacement for Rodgers? Locker for reasons already stated.
  14. cws0591

    Walmart craziness this morning

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Nov 6, 2013 -> 02:25 PM) If it was a good-faith mistake, why should they honor it? What if TVs were priced for 1 dollar? I think it's weird that as a society we think we should get away with something. This is actually the price of the tv