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  1. Madrigal Mystery Tour

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    Jack still thinks the White Sox should have kept Chris Sale. He thinks the rebuild was a mistake.
  2. Madrigal Mystery Tour

    2021 Catch-All

    Austin is completely shut down by this snowstorm. 40% of Austin Energy customers are without power and temps are in the single digits. All kinds of yikes.
  3. Madrigal Mystery Tour

    2020 Election Thoughts

    It hit me today that the Cubs won the World Series 2 presidents ago. Hard to believe that was under Obama
  4. Madrigal Mystery Tour

    Sox sign Hendriks: 3/$39M - 4th year optional with $15M buyout

    Guys, rick Hahn just isn't good 不不不不不
  5. Madrigal Mystery Tour

    Sports Media discussion

    Passan is one of the best. This is his way of saying the Cubs made a good hire.
  6. Madrigal Mystery Tour

    Sports Media discussion

    She is SO SO good.
  7. Madrigal Mystery Tour

    2021 NHL Thread

    Hopefully it's just post-COVID-19 for Toews. That type of complaint could be pretty bad (blood disorder, cancer).
  8. Madrigal Mystery Tour

    Sports Media discussion

    God I'm so tired of Nick Saban and Alabama.
  9. Madrigal Mystery Tour

    Blake Snell and Yu Darvish traded to San Diego

    So all that "new network, more spending" was bullshit, right?
  10. Madrigal Mystery Tour

    Sox sign Adam Eaton 1 year, $7m plus option

    Hes a pile of crap but hesa cheap pile of crap
  11. Madrigal Mystery Tour

    The OFFICIAL Sung-Bum Na Thread

  12. Madrigal Mystery Tour

    Kyle Schwarber signs with Nationals: 1 year 10mil

    I'd rather have a player who can better consistently field.
  13. Madrigal Mystery Tour

    Sox Press Conference - 11am 10/12 - RR out as Sox manager

    Im not as excited as most here, but I think this is probably for the best
  14. Madrigal Mystery Tour

    Sox @ Reds GT 9/19/20

    I mean, in fairness, AJ is a public figure who isnt a doctor. Its obvious what happened, though...
  15. Madrigal Mystery Tour

    Sox @ Reds GT 9/19/20

    COVID-19 has made a mess of Yoans season.