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  1. Flash Tizzle

    Trevor Bauer assault allegations

  2. Flash Tizzle

    Giolito has thoughts about Donaldsons comments

    What was missing from Gio’s initial response to JD was the denial. He never addressed whether it was ever used, but instead focused on JD’s character. It’s an easy distraction for the media and fans. Some people here need to step away from the fandom and look at the outside prospective. JD is a punk; but is he wrong? I’d say no
  3. Flash Tizzle

    White Sox Game 1 Winner!

    If we could even entice him with even a 3 year 45-60 mil contract with player/team options now I’d take the risk his arm falls off tomorrow. If he performs 75% of what he has so far for an entire season he’ll get more, but that’s the ultimate question of whether he wants to take the risk.
  4. Flash Tizzle


    Great post, if you think about how Twitter and Facebook have become the new modern day message board, places like Soxtalk have become rare. If they exist, it’s because they predated modern social media. It’s much easier to pick apart posts for places like reddit. Say the same thing on Twitter, oh well it’s deleted. On to the next troll comment.
  5. Flash Tizzle


    I believe you’re right. I actually think it’s good for the forum, too. Not everyone should be in agreement with every decision. There’s of course more negativity dominating the forum because of several bad losses, key injuries, slow starts, and the expectations entering the season.
  6. Flash Tizzle


    Game threads haven’t changed. Every few years, some incident happens where members push the limit and the mods have to enforce rules. It’s never affected the baseball discussions. What’s the solution to the toxic culture you’re experiencing? Remove gamethreads? Moderate the negativity? Fine, but you’ll be burying this site. I never see this discussed - What about the opposite of the Soxtalk doomer, the overly enthusiastic superfans who post here? I find them just as annoying. But Id never suggest to limit discussions of members crowning Mercedes MVP in April or Cease Cy Young based on ST starts.
  7. Flash Tizzle


    Damn right it was. I love how these threads bring out the old time members. A lot of the hated Soxtalk memes (Choke Crede, Jermaine Dead) were born from the depths of the chat lol
  8. Flash Tizzle

    Royals vs Sox 5:20pm Home Opener GT

    Then, as we’ve said many times, send him down if he cannot have consistent AB’s. I honestly believe if Eloy was in LF, we’d be having the same discussion with Vaughn and a limited amount of playing time. He might not have even made the team.
  9. Flash Tizzle

    Royals vs Sox 5:20pm Home Opener GT

    No one can say this wasn’t predictable either.
  10. Flash Tizzle

    Royals vs Sox 5:20pm Home Opener GT

    Wet ground excuse, clear sunny day excuse, he didn’t immediately produce at the plate excuse, the possibilities are endless
  11. Flash Tizzle

    Royals vs Sox 5:20pm Home Opener GT

    You’re right, I didn’t see Garcia is expected to sit out too.
  12. Flash Tizzle

    Royals vs Sox 5:20pm Home Opener GT

    It’s on Hahn as much as it is TLR. They’re purchasing contracts of AAAA players and giving their manager an opportunity to play them in place of Vaughn.
  13. Flash Tizzle

    Royals vs Sox 5:20pm Home Opener GT

    It’s opening day too. Why not let him experience it at home for the first time? No one in that stadium is paying to see Williams in LF
  14. Such a scenario would suggest this all may end up working in our favor, and I’m skeptical we’d ever be as “fortunate” as to have that happen. We lose a season of Eloy...but perhaps gain more in the coming years with him at DH. Who knows how many years of Eloy goofs we’d have to go through before the final “enough already he’s a DH” sentiment from yesterday? Perhaps the next one would involve Robert or Moncada? I’m obviously just throwing around hypotheticals, but if we are going down the possibility of Vaughn succeeding in left field and Eloy at DH, then this all needed to happen...... (Cue Dr Strange’s million plus scenarios clip)
  15. He should be excited to be given an on-field position. I wouldn’t expect him to say as much, but before today he was sitting as the DH with the possibility of being sent down. No one expects him to make up for Eloy’s absence, but if he is anything above the worst defensive OF in MLB it will be an Improvement