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  1. ChiSox59


    Too bad Sox didn’t get like a $5 or $6M option. Oh well. If he stays healthy and can pitch 180+ innings this year, even if/when the obvious regression comes, someone will pay him. And it shouldn’t be the Sox. If he somehow continues to pitch like a Cy Young candidate all season, 4/$60M is probably the floor and that prices in his history.
  2. ChiSox59

    zack collins

    He wasn’t even outplayed last year really.
  3. ChiSox59


    Not if this continues. Nor should they pay the price. Long way to go to 180+ IP tho for Carlos.
  4. ChiSox59

    5/7: Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City 7:10 PM CDT

    Haha yeah that was pretty comical. At least he deferred to Leury!
  5. Really? I would imagine Cave would play CF and Larnach LF. I think they’d also play Kepler there before Larnach.
  6. Kirilloff is hurt too. Bad wrist.
  7. ChiSox59

    The Andrew Vaughn LF Thread

    I get the argument for sure, but Yermin is the clear #4 between those guys and is the obvious odd man out. Doesn't mean you need to trade him, but you definitely aren't trading Eloy or Vaughn to make room for a 28 year old rookie. Now, this is a good problem to have (if it even presents itself). You aren't sitting Eloy next season for Yermin to get at bats, but you can keep him around and chances are decent that you can still make a role for Yermin and he'll be needed for stretches when people get hurt. Which is probably going to happen a decent amount if you're running out an Eloy-Robert-Vaughn OF. That all being said - let's see what Yermin's season looks like come August/September. He's been remarkable through 94 PA, but chances are we still see a pretty real correction.
  8. ChiSox59

    Albert Pujols

    Well in this case, he has $1.5M more guaranteed and still controls his own destiny once he clears waivers. Baseball players don't really take buyouts. It makes no sense. Just tell the team to release you and pay you your guaranteed $ if they don't want you on their team. As a player, zero reason to take a pay cut - the end result is the same, except for the amount of $ you're due.
  9. ChiSox59

    The Andrew Vaughn LF Thread

    I'd say the defense has been better than "good enough". He's looked comfortable, and as far as I am concerned, he should be our LF moving forward.
  10. ChiSox59


    In other words, Nicks already a really solid baseball player.
  11. ChiSox59

    Albert Pujols

    Buyouts don’t really happen in baseball. Why the heck would you take $28.5M when you’re guaranteed $30M?
  12. Nah there is already a three way time for first. Cleveland takes the division lead by a 0.5 game over the Sox with a W today.
  13. Yeah, well...right now they don't exactly have a plethora of other options. Especially with Eaton banged up. Point is, Hamilton actually has a role to play on this club if we can get some personnel to cover CF when Leury need play elsewhere or ideally sits his on the bench where it comes. Mentioned it yesterday, but Sox should pick up Ben Gamel. He's probably a better option than Goodwin. Not sure how well he can cover CF tho, but he's made over 30 appearances there is his career.
  14. ChiSox59

    Playoff odds

    Twins got quite a hole to dig out of. They need to go 34-26 in their next 60 games just to get to .500. They aren't dead yet, but without great pitching its going to be tough. Oh, and it looked like Buxton tweaked a hammy in the 9th today.
  15. Hamilton isn't going anywhere at this point. And honestly, that is fine. But he should get very very very very few at bats and be used pretty much exclusively as late inning defensive replacement or pinch running.