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  1. The other thing that you at least have to consider it as it pertains to signing a higher end FA like Nimmo (higher end all relative, he may be the biggest contract in club history or close, but certainly isn’t a superstar) is that the Sox have a lot of $ coming off the books in 2024. Sure spending $18-20M on Nimmo and a solid SP like Manea May push then up close to the tax in 2023, but Sox have around $70M coming off the books the next season with Lynn, Grandal, Giolito, Pollock, Kelly and Diekman. Raises will eat up a chunk of that, but Sox have some longer term payroll space if they’re willing to stretch it for a year. I get the skepticism, but this is still their window.
  2. This too, though I don’t think Moncadas contract is Hosmer or Corbin bad. Sox would basically have to give him away, but don’t think they’d have to eat much, if any, $. Point is, Moncada is going nowhere. Sox are so much better off just hoping he can be a 3+ WAR player next year, while being the best infield defender they have, and hopefully, at least an average bat with upside for more. It’s in there.
  3. Why? He’s like 5 PA away from the extra million. There’s no chance he doesn’t reach that unless he gets injured tonight.
  4. Moncada is going to put up over 1 fWAR in around 100 games this season. In his previous 2 full seasons, he was worth 5.5 and 4.0 fWAR. He’s not a perfect player but he’s more than competent, and frankly, he’s one of the few guys on this team that provides the Sox with attributes in areas they’re generally awful at. A portion of this fan base has lost all ability to be objective towards Yoan.
  5. TBF, keeping Kimbrel ended up sort of working out in the end. Pollock sucked, but that trade was fine....it just may have hamstrung the Sox a bit in the interim. I don't really care to re-open that debate and buying out Kimbrel would have been a fine avenue as well, but the trade was fine. Just sucks Pollock forgot how to hit leaving the NL West. Also, TBF, nearly everyone who was banging on the let Rodon go train wanted 2 things: 1) actually offer Rodon the QO; and 2) when he rejected, use the AAV savings to actually sign an impact LH OF. Of course, neither of those happened. If you're going to trade AV, I don't hate your idea. I don't see how you trade AV and don't bring back Pito though. Flipping AV+ for Burnes/Woodruff pushes all the chips into 23&24, but that's the direction we're headed anyway. I think the Sox rotation is still pretty solid, and do expect Giolito to rebound in his walk year; but acquiring Burnes/Woodruff certainly makes it one of, if not the, best rotations in teh game. I am just not sure the rotation is a bigger need than fixing the position player side of things that needs major addressing on lineup balance, power, and certainly defense.
  6. It's a risk, but with Nimmo, Pollock, Colas and Robert you have 4 OFs. Then you can always go back to playing Eloy, AV and Sheets in the OF occasionally as needed, just so long as it is isn't a daily thing, and certainly not 2 of them like all of 22. Its also the reason Nimmo can be had for $18-20M rather than much more. At least he's a really good defender and can play all 3 spots.
  7. You streteching Crochet out to be a SP in the minors I take it?
  8. If you read my first post, you will see that I agree. I don't want to Sox to re-sign Abreu. But this is the White Sox, the most loyal sports organization in the world and Pito has never worn another jersey, and our owner loves him. So until he signs elsewhere, the Sox totally botching this situation is very much a possibility that needs to be discussed.
  9. Yep. I think Yaz, if he can get those knees right, could be useful part time catcher. I don't see a different regime overplaying him. Of course, the $18M he's due is a sunk cost, and they're not getting that back so just have to make the most of it.
  10. Yep. I get that and am not opposed. There will be trades. Its just really difficult to figure out what those look like until the Abreu decision is made. Its also tough because our most tradable assets are our obviously our most impactful players, and the guys everyone wants to move on from have very little value and are worth more to the Sox than anyone else. Sox seems better off letting guys like Moncada, Eloy, and Yaz try to improve on their 2022 health and performance wise rather than trading for some fraction on the dollar. But I am all for a huge roster shake up. Its just tough to even know where to start. Trading TA might be the domino that makes the most sense, honestly. I just don't think the Sox will go that route, realistically. I do, however, think it is very possible the Sox do decide to keep Abreu, pay him more than anyone else will, and then trade AV for a SP. Which I would dislike a lot.
  11. Its a player option. Pollock isn't beating $8M net on the FA market. The only way Pollock isn't on the 2023 roster is if he's miserable, wants out and is willing to take a few million less to play elsewhere. We should all assume Pollock is on the roster for 2023 until he declines the player option, which seems incredibly unlikely.
  12. First, let's lay out 2023 contract commitments: Guaranteed Lynn - $18.5M Grandal - $18.25M Moncada - $17M Hendriks - $14M Pollock - $13M (player option with $5M buyout) Anderson - $12.5M (team option) Jimenez - $9.5M Robert - $9.5M Kelly - $9M Graveman - $8M Garcia - $5.5M Bummer - $3.75M Diekman - $3.5M *This assumes White Sox turn down Harrison's $5.5M team option* *Other impending FA's include Abreu, Cueto, Valasquez, and Andrus* TOTAL GUARANTEED = $142M Arbitration Eligible *my estimates for arb totals / non tenders* Cease (arb 1) - $2.5M Kopech (arb 1) - $1.25M Mendick (arb 1) - $1M Giolito (arb 3) - $10M Lopez (arb 3) - $3.5M Engel (arb 3) - NON TENDER Crick (arb 3) - NON TENDER Ruiz (arb 1) - NON TENDER Crochet (pre-arb) - $700k Gonzalez (pre-arb) - $700k Lambert (pre-arb) - $700k Sheets (pre-arb) - $700k Vaughn (pre-arb) - $700k Zavala (pre-arb) - $700k TOTAL ARB = $22.45M; TOTAL PAYROLL = $164.45M The White Sox 2022 payroll was ~$197M, so this gives the Sox around $30M to spend to match 2022 payroll My Offseason Moves First order of business is announcing Tony is re-retiring, and a full blown managerial search is underway. An entirely new coaching staff with fresh and modern perspectives is sorely needed. Sign Brandon Nimmo to 4/$80M. Jump the market and get it done. He's the best fit on the market and solves a ton of team needs. Sign SP Andrew Heaney (1 year/$9M) There are a slew of options in that $6-12M range, pick one Make the very hard, but necessary, decision to let Jose Abreu play elsewhere. The other alternative here of course is the Sox resign Abreu to 1/$15M or something, and look to trade AV or Eloy for larger roster shakeup. Problem is, this makes signing an impact LH bat in the OF that can actually field his position impossible without a legit increase in payroll. The time is now; let him walk before its too late, but FFS, build him a statue. Total payroll comes in ~$194M, a slight reduction on 2022. 2023 Roster / Lineup Anderson SS, Moncada 3B, Robert CF, Eloy DH, Nimmo RF, Vaughn 1B, Pollock LF, Yaz/Seby C, Mendick/Romy 2B BN: Seby/Yaz, Mendick/Romy, Leury, Sheets *Colas arrives in May, takes Pollock spot in LF, and makes Pollock 4th OF. Sheets goes to AAA* *Other 2B options throughout season include Sosa, Yolbert and Rodriguez* Rotation: Cease, Lynn, Giolito, Kopech, Heaney Bullpen: Hendriks, Graveman, Bummer, Kelly, Lopez, Crochet, Lambert, Diekman *Martin is 6th SP waiting for his opportunity in AAA*
  13. The Indians still have awful ownership and I do believe Franconas contract is up. He will prob be back in 23 but he’s not gonna manage forever. The Indians are a team that believes and is playing really well atm but I don’t think they’re going to be some unbeatable juggernaut moving forward.
  14. For the best at this point. Not rooting for it persay, but they aren’t winning the division so I’m all for forcing change.
  15. This is true. I turned the Sox off in the like the 6th last night because I was so disgusted and turned on the new Dahmer Netflix show. I did, however, put the game on my phone lol. My wife just rolled her eyes and made some comment under her breath about how I cannot help myself. She's not wrong.
  16. They got 2 extra years of control on Eloy if they were going to start him in the majors in 2019. So that’s not really accurate.
  17. Yep. Missing in Machado, and Wheeler to a lesser extent, still hurts alot. Still often think about what this club would look like had Manny signed.
  18. This was a good listen. Hits home a lot of the things we’ve been saying here for the last year+.
  19. Elvis SS, Yoan 3B, Pito 1B, Eloy DH, Gavin RF, AV LF, Pollock CF, Yaz C, Romy 2B For anyone that cares.
  20. That's fair. Definitely think Eloy is a guy you cannot rely on to play more than 120 games. Certainly Grandal is part time player in 2023. I would sure hope we'd see better health from Moncada, TA and Robert in 2023, although all have shown a propensity for injuries. If all four of Eloy, Moncada, TA and Robert miss big chunks of 2023 like they did in 2022, Sox are in for another arduous season.
  21. You always love to qualify the white Sox injuries as like "Oh Eloy, got hurt - what a surprise!" Here is some context on all these Twins injuries you continue to point to every therad. Sonny Gray - literally went on the IL yesterday, but has made a full SP workload exactly one time since 2015 Chris Archer - has been hurt his entire career, him being hurt should be surprise exactly no one. Tyler Mahle - was traded for with a bad shoulder, and hurt his shoulder immediately - WHAT A SHOCKER! Chris Paddack - was traded with for a partially torn UCL, and blew his UCL immediately - WHAT A SHOCKER! Kenta Maeda (out for season) - was hurt last year and they've known he was out all season since last season, and spent all offseason acquiring often-injured SPs to fill teh gap Matt Canterino - literally has never appeared above AA, no idea why you included him on that list Right away, that's 5 starting pitchers they are missing, plus a 6th guy who was a minor league starter. Here are the relievers they're missing. Jhon Romero - has appeared in 9 MLB games in his career. Not exactly a crushing loss. Danny Coulombe - a 33 middle reliever that was out of baseball for 3 years because he's bad. He's a loggy that can't get lefties out. Cody Stashak - a middle reliver with 55 career games with comparable numbers to Ruiz with 1/3 the experience Jorge Alcala - a solid middle reliever that has been a loss The Twins made their own bed with these injuries. They literally lose their best SP (Maeda) and then spent all season acquiring dudes who cannot stay healthy, and then trade for Mahle with a bum shoulder. They got exactly what they asked for. Not to mention extending Buxton who tied his 2nd most games played in a season this year with 92 (lol!!!!). You reap what you sow.
  22. I've been a Hahn supporter in the past, but he's had his chance. No issues with launching him into the sun, but KW has to go too if you're going to do that. Honestly, the entire FO and coaching staff should be replaced. But I will start with a fresh coaching staff, and be pleasantly surprised if any major FO changes are made.
  23. Yah, I mean classic White Sox would be to not call him up a month ago when we badly needed a CF then put him on the OD roster in 2023. Peak stupidity. At least wait the three damn weeks in 2023 at this point. Ortherwise dude should have been up since the day Schoop effectively ended Robert's season.
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