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  1. skooch

    GT 5/4: SOX at CIN

    This speaks volumes about what the FO really thinks of the OF prospects already in the org.
  2. skooch

    GT 5/4: SOX at CIN

    Which is why I was surprised they brought up Mendick. You basically have 4 OF (including Eaton) on the roster + Lamb who never played OF before this year.
  3. skooch

    GT 5/4: SOX at CIN

    Lose Robert, call up Mendick. We have four viable OF with Eaton looking kinda gimpy. Can Mendick play the OF or is there a master plan to put Mercedes in the OF?
  4. This org wasn't very deep in OF talent before the season began and has now seen major injuries to Eloy, Engle and Robert. And watching Eaton it looks like he's having issues too. They've basically sustained injuries to their top four OF coming into the season. They can't run Leury/Hamilton out there every day for the next six weeks, especially with a ton of division games coming up. I think the FO will be forced to make a trade.
  5. skooch


    I was very much wait-and-see on TLR, but I've actually started to worry about his lineups as well. But today, he's sitting Vaughn against RHP Bieber. Is that optimal or not? I can see an argument for it, even if I'm not enamored with the alternative.
  6. skooch


    It must be nice to have access to the multiverse where you can see alternate realities where Vaughn has been handled differently and evaluate his success in each universe. That must be what enables you to make such absolute statements. Tell me ... in which universe was he handled optimally? And by whom? You state things as fact when they are clearly just your opinion, but, truth be told, you don't have any idea whether TLR is handling things "right" or not. It's this kind of stuff that comes across as plain arrogance. CIrcumspection is not a bad quality to have. Just my $0.02.
  7. Just to be clear ... "... was an ethically abusive study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the United States Public Health Service (PHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)".
  8. skooch

    Tigers @ Sox

    Good night.
  9. skooch

    Texas @ Sox

    The volatility of bullpen arms never ceases to amaze me.
  10. skooch

    Texas @ Sox

    It was the HAL-9000.
  11. skooch

    What if Yermin Mercedes keeps hitting?

    When his babip drops below 0.700.
  12. skooch

    4-5 GT: CWS @ SEA (9:10 PM CT)

    Any idea what Yermin's BABIP is?
  13. skooch

    4-3 GT: CWS @ LAA (8:07 PM CT)

    I hope you will consent to allowing me to change my avatar to this.
  14. skooch

    4-3 GT: CWS @ LAA (8:07 PM CT)

    Hey. Cut me some slack. I made this a few years ago. Use your imagination. Imagine he's wearing a Sox hat.