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  1. Jose Abreu

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Maybe they're trying for something bigger (Story/Baez) and will end up settling for an Escobar, Harrison, or Cabrera type once it's clear that they won't convert on a bigger target. I know you could argue that Escobar is closer to the fist group than he is to the second one, but it's the only explanation I can think of for why they haven't already traded Lazaro Leal/[insert worthless minor leaguer here] for a Josh Harrison type's contract
  2. Jose Abreu

    Trade Deadline Thread

    It's a buyer's market, particularly at 2B. The idea that the Sox "don't have the prospects" to acquire 2 months of a dirt-cheap Josh Harrison or Asdrubal Cabrera is asinine. These types of rentals never go for real prospects
  3. I think it's a mix of the Padres pieces being underrated and Frazier being much less valuable than people presumed
  4. They attempted to trade for him prior to the season, whether they still like him is anyone's guess
  5. Another difference, in addition to what some have pointed out, is that a struggling artist that waits tables is making a living through another endeavor. Minor league baseball players are still playing baseball, and no matter how much MLB owners try to cry poor by funneling profits into other books, they can absolutely afford to at least pay the players a living wage. The Twitter account @MiLBAdvocates has been really active this season and has done a good job of highlighting some of MiLB's issues, to the point where certain organizations have even changed practices in-season as a result of the backlash
  6. I don't really see a way of him making the team in September either. We have 26 right now, none of which are particularly easy candidates to be sent down for Jimenez, Lamb, or Robert. Not to mention a hopeful acquisition at 2B. Burger or someone could be traded, but I'd imagine those extra spots would go to guys like Hamilton, Sheets, or Goodwin since Jimenez/Robert/Lamb will take their ABs
  7. Jose Abreu

    Lance Lynn locked up 2 years 38 mill + club option

    I would not be surprised if one of Crochet or Cease is traded this month (obviously for someone controlled, not a Story type)
  8. Jose Abreu

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Yeah sorry, I meant the Fry/Foster demotions. James was definitely first on Lopez, which he was aware of well before he tweeted it
  9. Jose Abreu

    Trade Deadline Thread

    He tweeted it before James, but I won't give him credit for it because anyone could have just checked the transactions page on the White Sox website and seen it yesterday
  10. Jose Abreu

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Sounds like Raisel Iglesias
  11. Jose Abreu

    Automated Strike Zone

    Exactly. It's textbook availability bias. I can't take anyone seriously who claims to watch baseball games (especially this year) and thinks home plate umpires are better than a system that, even if flawed, is likely accurate close to 99% of the time
  12. Jose Abreu

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    He's a top 3/4 hitter on the team against RHP this year. His overall numbers just look much worse because he starts against the majority of LHP that we face
  13. Jose Abreu

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    Traded for Charlie Blackmon to make room for Jake Burger
  14. And here's the list since 2019, where Moncada is exactly #10 overall ahead of names like Bellinger, Realmuto, Yelich, Arenado, Grandal, Machado, etc. He's not providing value in the most traditional way this year, but it's still so strange to me that basically every thread turns into people wanting to trade Moncada these days given how good he is
  15. Not caught up on this thread yet but for what it's worth, Bob has also definitively reported Machado to the Yankees, Corbin to the Yankees, and Bauer to the Mets, and obviously was 0-for-3. His White Sox track record is better, of course, but this is not unfamiliar territory for him