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  1. TheFutureIsNear

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Well Escobar out of the picture now…
  2. TheFutureIsNear

    Adam Frazier to Padres

    I know reinforcements are coming and we are still in 1st…BUT Hahn sitting on his hands is going to be a huge mistake. Not even in a panicky way because of resent games, sheerly because this team has about as good of a shot as anyone to win a World Series. If the price is relatively low it’s gonna hurt a little. Obviously there are other fish in the sea tho, so not overreacting too much yet.
  3. TheFutureIsNear

    2021 MLB Draft Day 1 Thread

    Kiley McDaniel has him at 13
  4. TheFutureIsNear

    GT 7/11: SOX @BAL, 12:05

    Knew that was coming as soon as Mancini walked out of the on deck circle
  5. TheFutureIsNear

    Trade Deadline Thread

    I know not a huge needle mover, but a guy I think would be a very good fit for the Sox is Brad Miller. LH bat with some pop and can play almost any position. If/when the Phillies sell he shouldn’t be a particularly expensive to trade for either (Not sure if Miller has been mentioned yet or not)
  6. TheFutureIsNear

    FS: 2021 Draft Prospect Profiles

    The K’s are obviously concerning, but Fabian is very enticing. Could be an above average defensive CF with 20/20 potential…or he never improves his hit tool and doesn’t make it to the bigs. Im no scout, but his swing and bat speed both actually look pretty good. Looks like he needs to cut down his leg kick and work on his balance though (I’m also by no means a scout/expert) Tyler Black has a pretty compact LH swing that I can see producing more power as he gets older…swing reminds me a lot of Chase Utley. 2B being his primary position is not ideal, but just really like watching this kid hit.
  7. TheFutureIsNear

    White Sox @ Tigers - 7/4/21- Game Thread

    Extremely predictable Mendick would be overmatched but Soto…to everyone buy our manager Thank you Jose
  8. TheFutureIsNear

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    The amount of middle in 90 mph fastballs and hanging sliders this lineup has missed tonight is insane. Should be 5-2 minimum
  9. TheFutureIsNear

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    I’m sure it’s easier said than done…but good god I’m not sure there’s ever been a more obvious need for a trade to happen. We need an OF’er and 2B capable of giving us a MLB AB. That shouldn't be asking for too much
  10. TheFutureIsNear

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    Come on man…he’s got a sub .700 OPS. He’s a rookie that needs to work on his approach and regain confidence. He’s not the 1st, nor the last, and it’s not the end of the world. But it’s obvious he can’t be an effective major league hitter right now, it’s in everyone’s best interest he takes some time in AAA.
  11. TheFutureIsNear

    GT 6/29 Twins @ White Sox

    I was against it for a while…but Vaughn has to go down. He’s brining little to no value at this point. That pitch should have been 10 rows deep
  12. TheFutureIsNear

    GT 6/27 G1: Mariners @ SOX

    Sure was…so that + the KC collision and now this pitch and Jose has really taken a beating.
  13. TheFutureIsNear

    GT 6/27 G1: Mariners @ SOX

    Was this the same knee as the umpire bat incident?
  14. TheFutureIsNear

    Mariners @ Sox, 6/25, 7:10 PM CT

    I’d be fine with that. Offense is a dire need. Whether it’s Escobar or someone else, we can’t keep putting these lineups out and expect to win more than we lose. Perfectly fine with waiting on an arm or 2 until the deadline
  15. TheFutureIsNear

    Mariners @ Sox, 6/25, 7:10 PM CT

    This season is going to slip away if we continue to think a trade doesn’t have to happen. This offense isn’t able to win games and the starting pitching is due for regression…plus the defense isn’t good.