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  1. brian310

    White Sox @ Mariners 9:10PM CSN

    QUOTE (Thad Bosley @ Jul 18, 2016 -> 10:03 PM) Wait....when other teams go through long periods of failure, they clean house and bring in people with different approaches and strategies? Interesting... Lmao sat here thinking the same thing...
  2. brian310

    White Sox @ Mariners 9:10PM CSN

    But! He's not supposed to be able to do that post homerun derby!/green
  3. brian310

    White Sox @ Mariners 9:10PM CSN

    Hawk sounds frustrated with the offense. Timmay!!!
  4. brian310

    Rodon's Replacement in Rotation

    QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Jul 14, 2016 -> 04:42 PM) He did. He's missed on some things for sure but he's also been the first on some things and has absolutely proven to have credibility. Just cause you're credible and have sources doesn't mean you're going to hit on 100 percent of things. Agreed. And deals always seem to fall apart so even if you know something can happen soon doesn't mean it always comes together.
  5. brian310

    Carroll outrighted to Charlotte

    QUOTE (WhiteSoxLifer @ Jul 14, 2016 -> 03:11 PM) RHP Scott Carroll has been outrighted to Charlotte. 40-man roster goes to 39. https://twitter.com/whitesox/status/753677355260846080 I'll be honest...I forgot he existed.
  6. brian310

    Morneau to come up after break

    QUOTE (bmags @ Jul 14, 2016 -> 02:11 PM) Realizing I'm not sure what our 21-25 roster is right now. Morneau up, Coats down (when was coats up?), Kahnle up?, Rodon to DL, Empty spot? Kahnle was called up for Rodon but I'd expect him to go back down when they call up a 5th starter to pitch in Rodon's place.
  7. brian310

    Sox Looking for CFers

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jul 14, 2016 -> 01:38 PM) if they want to actually make the playoffs this year they can't afford to be cheap at the deadline. What would you be ok giving up for him? Edit: and exactly. No half ass usual measures.
  8. brian310

    Yasiel Puig Trade Rumors

    QUOTE (bmags @ Jul 13, 2016 -> 03:57 PM) I honestly have zero clue what his market is. Jays? Interested in Bruce and may lose Bautista (and Encarnacion ) after the season.
  9. brian310

    Yasiel Puig Trade Rumors

    QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Jul 13, 2016 -> 03:32 PM) I forgot who mentioned it on twitter, but a major writer said that the Dodgers are interested in trading for Puig since Ethier is on his way back. Not a LH bat, but I think he still can make an impact defensively and in the lineup. Only question now is, are you interested in him, and what would you give up to acquire him? He's been hitting better since coming off the dl. Idk what I would give up though. I'd rather give up less and take on Ethier.
  10. brian310

    Rick Hahn

    QUOTE (FT35 @ Jul 13, 2016 -> 12:54 PM) Yeah, not sure any of these would make much sense for us. Maybe Reddick? Except a FA deal would probably take him well into his 30's and involve outbidding a few other teams. Maybe if Gomez's value hits rock bottom after this year's dud, they could take a flier on him with a 1 year deal--dirt cheap--and hope for a bounceback? It would keep Eaton in RF. I like that Gomez idea. Definitely the type of deal this team would make as opposed to signing someone else to a big deal.
  11. brian310

    Todd Frazier Trade Rumor

    QUOTE (Deadpool @ Jul 13, 2016 -> 07:53 AM) If that's the going rate, the White Sox probably shouldn't pay him, which kind of forces a trade situation. I don't want to trade him, either, but I get why they would. Agreed. I mean I like what he's done so far but I don't think he'd be worth that deal.
  12. brian310

    Tim Anderson

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jul 13, 2016 -> 07:18 AM) Contending for 3-5 years would be a minor miracle. So let's worry about "half a decade" or merely getting back to the playoffs before the Marlins, Padres or Mariners. Two of those teams (Miami/Seattle) probably have better opportunities to make it (to the playoffs) than we currently do. It's only SD that is totally screwed, although they'll get some nice pieces back for Drew Pomeranz should they choose to trade him this July. And Kemp too who is having a nice year.
  13. Let's win this AL! Edit: don't know if it is appropriate to make a thread for this game but f*** it.
  14. brian310

    Tim Anderson

    QUOTE (chitownsportsfan @ Jul 12, 2016 -> 04:34 PM) anybody with half a brain and two working eyes. His minor league numbers were mediocre offensively and the scouting reports on his defense were brutal -- and he was always very old for his level. That the dude is not in MLB currently and was given a total of 3 PA by the Dodgers should surprise nobody. I continually railed against the idea of Micah as the starting 2B and I remember only a few were on my side. Makes you wish you could go back in time as a GM and try including Johnson in the deal over Semien.
  15. brian310

    "Justice Done for Jose Quintana"

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Jul 12, 2016 -> 02:52 PM) Sabes people can say that all they want. The baseball announcers and writers go by wins and losses and ERA and strikeout vs. walk totals. And those announcers are moronic and sound stupid.