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  1. BrianAnderson

    Albert Pujols

    I'd take him as a manager, but based on the fact Pujols wasn't okay with less playing time ... don't think that's an option. Outside of that we'd be the laughing stock of MLB with a signing like this. How would it even happen? One less pitcher? You can't send Collins down and then put Yermin as backup Catcher.. i mean you can ... but yuck. And if you did that and Albert wants PT, then what? you're benching Yermin for Pujols? Imagine that.... The only other way would be to send down Yermin and keep Collins at the backup Catcher. You can't have Collins, Abreu, Yermin, Vaughn, Grandal and Pujols - that'd be the worst roster construction ever. I think just by sheer log jam I am comfortable that the Sox wouldn't be able to pull this off without looking like clowns... so for that reason I'm not realistically worried. It does worry me though that we even have to think about this seriously because it shows how incompetent of an organization we have.
  2. BrianAnderson

    GT 5/5: SOX at CIN

    someone call alejandro de aza and brett lillibridge stat. this outfield is falling apart!
  3. BrianAnderson

    Addressing the OF shortage (Robert Injury Spinoff)

    Goodwin is a body, but at least we got a body in 24 hours. I'm sure Hahn has already had calls in on a lot of these guys going back to the Eloy injury. So at least there's a heads up on a list. Not all LF will necessarily transfer to the CF list, but I'm sure he's already had initial discussions on a number of targets. Polanco, or someone on the Cubs would make the most sense to me.
  4. BrianAnderson

    Addressing the OF shortage (Robert Injury Spinoff)

    Those are some YUCK names from Frank. Here's the thing: 1) this is the overreaction szn for the board and all fans. This happens with every injury or signing, or slump, etc. 2) Adam Eaton will get injured. Probably will miss at least 30 games from here on out - that's not a crazy statement. 3) Because of bullet point #2, unfortunately you need to go out and make a trade, and likely give up a bigger piece than you'd like for your future. If you want to stay afloat this year and want to truly go for it all, you need a stop-gap for the next 4 months, and possibly more if Eloy or Robert have setbacks. You simply cannot have an outfield of Vaughn, Engel, and Leury for any extended period of time with Nick Williams or Billy Hamilton as your 4OF. Especially considering you have a guy like Madrigal elsewhere in the lineup 4) Madrigal - this hurts him as much as anybody. I have defended him as much as anybody, and no, it's not going to change his game. It just hurts the team. You can afford to have a slap hitter like him when Eloy and Robert have the pop to drive him in. You can't have Billy Hamilton, Leury and Nick as your bottom 7-8-9 guys. Not much you can do, just saying his inefficiencies are going to shine bright now. 5) If you can live with Engel in CF and guarantee his health, then I am actually okay with him as your main CF replacement. That said, names I'd want to consider (not much different than the names I said after Eloy) --- Nick Markakis - another old OF, but FA. He can fill in RF, LF. Not Puig - his weird masturbation allegation is a big no from me. Don't need to justify winning with creeps. Old man Cespedes - not really. I'm not sure how he fits in - can't really stick him in RF. or LF. or CF. So best you can do is bring him in as your 4OF over Billy or Nick Williams or something, but not really sure how you'd have an OF with a Vaughn and Cespedes ever .... that'd be a disaster defensively. Young man Cespedes - maybe? Or Adolfo. or Gonzalez. or Rutherford. None deserve it, but maybe one does okay? What's there to lose? Dependent on what hte market price is out there maybe you run through a few of these guys 2 weeks at a time and see if one hits. Kris Bryant - I think he really does fit ... just wonder what his price is & do we believe he continues his hot hitting. He'd be insurance for all of the OF and 3B. He really does make sense. I don't want to have to give up a Kelley for him, but if you truly think you have a chance to win this year, this is the all-in move. Polanco - maybe a change of scenery helps. He's still putting out exit velocities that aren't terrible, speed is down. but i'd guess he's relatively low cost so we dont have to mortgage any future and he's had success in the past. Makes a ton of sense. Other names: Sam Hilliard, David Peralta, Joc Pederson, Jake Marisnick, Delino Deshields Jr, Kevin Kiermaier Personal Ranking: Bryant (dependent on price), Joc Pederson, Kiermaier, Polanco
  5. BrianAnderson

    Addressing the OF shortage (Robert Injury Spinoff)

    Because we're discussing Jake Lamb, Leury and Billy Hamilton as other options.
  6. BrianAnderson

    Addressing the OF shortage (Robert Injury Spinoff)

    Are we talking a fantasy baseball trade? Come on man.
  7. BrianAnderson

    The TLR Manager Thread

    managers matter only on the fringes ... being 109 years old though puts him on the fringes. He'd never accept it because of his ego but he shouldve been brought back in some other capacity if JR was looking to bring him in. It is what it is though. this team has other problems other than managing
  8. I don't know what to tell you. Apparently you're getting overly worked up a pretty vanilla statement. There are tiers across baseball ... some are murkier than others, and some positions deeper than others. If you were given your choice of a 3B for the Sox championship window how would you rank them? And what were you expectations of Moncada after the Sale trade and when he was a top prospect of MLB? But go ahead and get upset over a pretty simple statement on a message board. I'd have Bregman, Rendon, Jose Ramirez, as my top 3. My next 3 would be a combo Arenado, Devers, Machado. After that? I'd probably have the group of Chapman, Moncada, Bohm, McNeil, etc. Vladdy would slot somewhere in there depending on if there's belief he's a 3B. So that's what the hell I'm talking about. He's good. He's not even top tier at his position, let alone top tier of baseball which was many people's expectations coming over from the trade. And yes, Matt Chapman is a guy. A guy who will have 3-4 All-Star seasons , a nice career, but is not a superstar. Moncada will be the same. He may have a top 10 finish at MVP -- you know who else has done that ?Carlos Quentin. A guy. Sorry to upset you ... Moncada is just a guy. an above average role player that can have a few good seasons. He's not a perennial all-star, Abreu, face of the franchise guy. he's just a guy.
  9. Not WAR related at all. I mean, he's really just a guy. Moncada is a nice piece. But he's not going to be a MVP candidate type of guy. He's in the category with the Yasmani Grandal's of the world. He's more Matt Chapman than he is Bregman or Rendon. That's all. NOt that controversial - just saying he's an above average player, but not this top, top echelon prospect people were hoping for.
  10. I've been saying that for about a year and half now. Moncada is Joe Crede. Which is fine. You don't need 9 superstars to win a WS. however, he's not going to be a superstar. He's a nice bat around 6/7 in the lineup. He can get hot and carry a team for a bit, but at the end of the day he's an above average player who may have a couple all-star seasons. Also makes you think why do we have a 12 page thread on a guy in Madrigal that just puts bat to ball consistently.
  11. BrianAnderson

    Market/Financial Thread

    Capital gains tax proposal should be fun ... With all the excess spending, taxation, liquidity, stimulus, civil unrest, leverage, etc. etc I have a feeling that these next 10-20 years are going to be a wildly chaotic time. In general that should lead to tons of opportunity if you know where to find it, but have a feeling it's going to be a very bumpy ride leading to ultimately a very different looking economy, global landscape, etc.
  12. I'll go ahead and make a prediction ... we'll change our minds 100 more times before we get to the end of the season. goals of this team should be to maintain and spread innings so that the upside arms of Rodon, Kopech, Crochet and others are still ready to fire in the most important innings of the season (September and hopefully beyond). I also think we'll see us add another arm via trade to the mix. The playoffs (if we get there) will be a rag tag of innings from all guys on deck. But yes, this isn't MLB The Show. #1 and #5 starters are the same. If you're healthy and throwing it's just once every five days. By playoffs it's even less important. You're playing specific matchups even more.
  13. BrianAnderson


    Juan Pierre, a guy who relied on legs at the end of his career v. Madrigal 40 games into his are not very comparable. I'll continue to drive the Madrigal bandwagon along with the Carlos Rodon bandwagon as I have for the past few years. These are guys that are important to this team & have their roles. The world has gone mad with Statcast. In a world where OBP, BA, contact metrics, etc. are all at multi-decade lows it's refreshing to see the other side. It's at bats like Moncada, Grandal, or Vaughn have that are super important throughout not just a game, but a season. The 14 pitch at-bat by Bobby Dalbec won't show up in the box score or in articles, but that was an important plate appearance. At bats like Madrigal have putting the ball in play and advancing runners or getting on base and re-adjusting the defense alignment, putting the pitcher out of the stretch, etc. is important not only in game, but over a full season. Robert's and Eloy's launch angles and exit velocity are just as important too. It takes a mix of all sorts of guys to make a championship team. You see some of these teams, Cubs maybe being the best example lately - a team over the past few years that have a bunch of statcast guys who singularly are good, but as a collective struggle because they don't have a good mix. All or nothing baseball is a fad. The pendulum swung from the Hawks and the TWTW to full Billy Baseball and statcast. The reality, like most things in life is that the middle grey area is the best. The Sox have that this year with a mix of the Eaton/Madrigal types. The guys who see pitches per plate appearance in Grandal/Moncada/Vaughn and the statcast superheros Abreu/Eloy/Robert.
  14. BrianAnderson

    Pritzker: 60% capacity is close

    It's a buncha herd mentality. It's not by chance that almost every single major league team has the exact same requirements while most states have very different data sets, population density, etc. etc. In a very American way I bet you see increases right around Memorial Day. I'd guess 40-50% right around then. Either way, you still can't explain to me with a straight face the reasoning or methodology to all of the seating arrangements. I watch the Boston game and there are sections that are completely open, not a person in them. Centerfield had nobody. But right/center had fans scattered throughout. Tell me how that makes any sense. if you're that concerned wouldnt you want to spread those 20% out at max distance? Texas is averaging 27,000 a game ... the 7 day rolling average in DFW area is lower than it was 21 days ago. It's outside. Not controversial post here, but we can easily fit 20-25,000 fans in at these games utilizing the whole ball park and still be very safe, even to those who are conservative.
  15. BrianAnderson


    what a great thread. .327 career batting average out of the 9th spot is controversial. I miss the days of Yolmer Sanchez, Brett Lawrie, Chris Getz, Brett Lillibridge, etc. I'm going to start a thread for Dallas Keuchel now. Is he really a suitable #3 pitcher in our rotation?