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  1. That is fun. I love upgrading just via our own players. I personally can see Sheets going down to AAA. Might as well bring back Lamb and let him play for his life. Sheets has options, so makes sense to use them when at at the end of the day there's not a whole ton of difference between their profiles. Sheets can go back to having consistent everyday AB's and working on a few things and stay ready. Lamb comes back and crushes? Then you wait an extra few weeks until September. If not? Cut him. Robert returns will be the interesting one, but agree a phantom IL stint should do the trick. (not sure 40 man numbers). But basically if you can pull a phantom IL stint, then you can kick the can down the road for September roster expansion.
  2. The sox have been giving a lot more time off to Stoney this year. I like when they bring in a Beckham or Thomas. would really enjoy them working Hawk into that rotation as well. Or even a 3 man booth. Totally agree that it'd be fun to have him in the booth maybe one series a month or so.
  3. BrianAnderson

    Luis Robert cleared for Rehab Assignment

    announcements from the sox would help haha. guessing it's part of the plan too, slowly getting him into action. Does anybody know is it 20 "games" or 20 days for a rehab?
  4. BrianAnderson

    The Cleveland Guardians

    all new team names always sound silly, this one is no different. That said, i think in 5 years it will still sound silly. Have a feeling some of this decision was driven by the "IANS" at the end of both Guardians and Indians ... that they kind of sound the same. Which, if part of the reason seems shortsighted. But what do i know? I too wouldve gone with Spiders ... or really anything else.
  5. BrianAnderson

    Cruz traded to TB

    I’m guessing the return will be quite low, to the point it woulda been like a … sheets? Or rutherford + Lopez type return. I think we’ll say, that’s all? Just a hunch. (and I get sheets is looking good, but he’s likely a 3-5 year player, nice bench type piece)
  6. BrianAnderson

    Cruz traded to TB

    This goes back To my feelings on Cruz in the trade thread earlier… sometimes, even if not a need, it’s good to play a little defense. That makes the rays lineup a lot more dangerous come playoffs.
  7. Quite the rollercoaster. To get to the top after 10 years and perform relatively well, just to disappear into nothing has to be hard. But pretty, pretty immature to throw a tantrum and demand a trade when you're Yermin Mercedes. It's short sighted not only for his chance this year with the Sox, but overall for his career. I'd guess that NL DH isn't that far off, and if so, he probably has a shot to be a AAAA player for the next 3-4 years. He really should be working on his catching and 1b if he wants another shot. Get it's mentally tough, but he's done it for 10 years, needs to grind for another year or two and he'll get additional shots somewhere across the league. Not a good look for Yermin.
  8. BrianAnderson

    White Sox considering Nelson Cruz

    That last breakout is nice. I didn't feel like thinking that much through it. 2b is much more of a need for sure. Leury also shouldn't be that important to the team, but here we are. i don't expect cruz, but would still welcome him. I'd be more than okay sending down both Burger/Sheets and bringing in Cruz/Frazier/etc. burger and sheets are nice to haves, but also types of guys that i'm okay with trading to get us where we need to go over the next few years. if they're casualties? sucks, but thats the business were in right now.
  9. BrianAnderson

    White Sox considering Nelson Cruz

    I don't disagree it's not a point of need. But there's a few angles on this ... a) playing defense. Twins are going to trade him because they're not resigning him next year. So Cruz is going to the A's, Rays, etc. I don't know about you, but I don't want to face Cruz in the playoffs. b) We've seen it a bit with Burger in a few AB's lately. Throwing low and away seems to be getting to him. We saw it with Yermin. We'll undoubtedly see it with Sheets too. Pitchers at hte MLB level adjust and it's up to the players to readjust. Maybe Burger and Sheets do. Maybe they don't. I overall prefer Cruz and his track record of Sheets, Burger, Hamilton, etc. etc. c) when you're a team like the Sox, probably a top 4 favorite to win it all, you get greedy. you have to. you don't necessarily "need" cruz, but i'd be hard pressed to see how adding him doesn't make us a better team. So at that point it becomes a cost benefit analysis. What's the cost to acquire him v. maybe bringing in an Adam Frazier, Story, Marte, etc. and whats the cost if Cruz goes to a direct competitor?
  10. BrianAnderson

    White Sox considering Nelson Cruz

    Agreement here. Surprised at the negativity in this thread over NELSON CRUZ. Weird sentiment. Maybe because of the guy who is reporting it? But overall if the price is right and the Twins are willing to trade to division foe? I don't really see the downside of having a Nelson Cruz in our lineup. Speed ... but outside of that, don't see the downside. In that outfield scenario you are really counting on Robert to play Superman, but could be worse. Hell, I know we are giving DH spots to Seby and Collins only because of injuries and that Eloy and Robert and Grandal coming back takes away those opportunities, but if you're asking me if I'd rather have Sheets, Burger, or Cruz on my bench? I'd go Cruz all day. A bit of a station to station in terms of speed ... kinda reminiscent of Paulie - AJ - Thome - Dye .... 3 singles in a row, strikeout, GIDP and 0 runs, but still wouldn't hate seeing Cruz up in a playoff AB.
  11. I believe this is correct. pro-rated league minimum MLB salary during his time up, and then i believe there is a 40 man salary for AAA. Like I think there's a difference if you're on the 40 man and in the minors vs. just in AAA. Could be wrong. I had a few friends who were AAAA players & we'd always try to figure out how much they were making. I think it turned out to be close to like $150k in AAA. Regardless. as someone earlier pointed out... this isn't a 1:1 causation. there's a reason teams have sports psychologists on the payroll. imagine if at your job you were in a constant battle for the job, it was all public, you had to take questions everyday about your performance, your salary was known, etc. etc. It's not easy. Let's just say you were in construction and you weren't doing the job well enough and they demote you publicly, and then your friend takes over your spot. You have to be a strong, strong willed individual to do something like that for 10 years in the minors and then on an even bigger stage. Just my pure guess - I do think that TLR/3-0 count incident probably hurt him and probably had to do some with his downfall. Like 20% maybe. Baseball and golf are big mental sports. But the main culprit was that he didn't adjust when pitchers adjusted. he's crushing the ball down in AAA again and If i had to take a guess he was told something like get your stuff/swing figured out down in AAA and we'll get you back up here. He has, and he did, but in the meantime Burger, Sheets, etc. have run with the opportunity and bring more to the table so he's sitting in AAA blocked from a spot, Eloy coming back too .... Grandal is out and they have Seby who couldn't hit a softball at backup C, they trade for another Catcher ... It has to be beyond demoralizing to wait 10 years, get to the big leagues, become a cult hero, and then disappear into oblivion & know evne if youre hitting .400 in AAA that you're not coming back up. We can all sit around on our keyboards and say "well then he should be focused 110% on working on his catching" or "he needs to suck it up". But were not in his shoes. We dont know what the sox told him. also, just based on his post ... i know it wasn't the best english, but it did sound pretty guilty ... like he was trying to admit something that may be coming out. So that's my guess.. there's probably some smoke and fire to come out and there's no spot for him.
  12. BrianAnderson

    Royals Listening on Merrifield

    i'd give up a ton for him. burger and sheets and lopez. goodbye in a heartbeat. merrifield would be a 3 year guy with us and fills so many holes and very underrated in my opinion.
  13. Zevala being on a major league roster would beg to differ haha.
  14. BrianAnderson

    Trevor Bauer assault allegations

    legally, i believe he'll be fine. public court? He already was mostly hated, this just cements it. Career wise? He probably should've signed that long term contract instead of getting cute with it. He's got enough talent that a team will sign him, but I have a feeling it may be another year to year situation and closer to that $10-15mm range. Who knows - so much can change, but just don't see teams lining up.
  15. BrianAnderson

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    be as you are. the whole response there is wrought with some pretty heavy implied tones towards my response, mostly that I am unsympathetic i guess? My angle is not one that is unsympathetic, more so, i dont get why people continue to try and get frustrated on things out of their control. Covid life is not stopping anytime soon. The view should be a pragmatic one. There will be variants. Some will be worse than others. Some will be protected by first vaccines, some will not. There will be booster shots. The only reason the government is shying away from the Pfizer booster is again, to save face That's an overreaching theme. Its hard to steer a large ship forward. The government continues to try and toe the line like they did with masks and lockdowns, however it's tough. I think they fear that if they say a booster is needed that those without a vaccine are even more unlikely to get a vaccine. That said, we're at the point of stragglers. Those who wanted it, got it. You may convince on the fringes here out, but I find it very unlikely that they're doing anybody any good by not moving forward with the booster. i have a feeling they'll let some time pass, really ratchet up the delta talk in the media, and poof! boosters will be recommmended. This will take time to burn out. Lots of time. Again, you're talking global economy. When you're talking countries like Nigeria where 0.7% of the population is vaccinated? There's way too many of those countries. There are so many underdeveloped countries and those will continue to spread the virus and mutations of the virus. Rinse and repeat, there will be a cocktail of new vaccines that protect better against some variants and those will be recommended. The rest is weighing the positives and negatives of any policy or decision. Those should generally be left up to the individual in my opinion. So in your case it seems as if you'd like to be cautious. And that's fine and your call. If you feel the risk of travel is too great, then you should be free to operate within your own guidelines. In general the part of the government is to steer the conversation to the best outcome. That may mean mask mandates again. I think you'd be hard pressed to shut down things again though. With where the country is in regards to vaccine and herd immunity (especially vaccines among the elderly) I think the upside/downside of where were at as a country probably leans towards keeping everything running. That may not be true for all countries, but for ours, I'd guess that's the path.