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  1. this article - the TRUTH i understand the reason to trade Sale or Quintana, but i'll be damned if KW and RH trade either for 4-5 busts, while at least Sale continues on a Hall of Fame path. Fear...fear of getting stuck holding the bag in the end. I'll enjoy Sale even if the team takes a bit longer to stock the farm system
  2. fmartija

    2015 Cubs Catch-All thread

    QUOTE (fathom @ Apr 17, 2015 -> 11:07 AM) I'm thinking 30 easily. Based off of the stats on mlbfarm, 2/3 of the balls he put in play were in the air. When the wind's blowing out at Wrigley, he's going to be a beast. i'm actually curious and interested as to how the new mega scoreboards may affect any jet streams. i know Texas' stadium was recently modified within the last couple of years and turned it from a homerun positive to a homerun neutral park.
  3. fmartija

    David Robertson is a f***ing beast.

    he is no Aroldis Chapman, but he'll do.
  4. fmartija

    2015 Cubs Catch-All thread

    QUOTE (Buehrle>Wood @ Apr 17, 2015 -> 09:50 AM) I'd still worry about Bryants Ks. this. he still struck out 27% of the time in AAA. add on +5% for MLB difficulty. while he would still certainly be capable of 20-25 hrs, i'd put his average at .220-.240. Unless he is the next coming of Mike Trout who strikes out 27% of the time, yet still hits .280
  5. fmartija

    Should MLB Expand Rosters

    i think we see the DH in the NL before we see rosters expanded beyond 25 man.
  6. QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Jan 29, 2015 -> 09:15 PM) 2004-2005 Starting with the additions of Garcia and Contreras, followed up by AJ, Dye, Pods/Vizcaino, Iguchi and El Duque. 2007-2008 Alexei/Danks/Quentin...Floyd was added in 2007 and then Viciedo would be added after, was REALLY excited at the time about the biggest signing bonus player (surpassing Borchard) in Sox history...with Beckham also drafted that summer as well 2009...With Peavy and Rios coming onboard, especially the season-long courtship of Peavy...unfortunately, it also pushed out Jermaine Dye, and that left a sour taste Rios was a waiver trade that occurred midseason 2009. and then he proceeded to hit .199 for the rest of season.
  7. fmartija

    James Shields

    for the sox SP need (#4, #5) Shields is a poor use of money. I would like it, but it is financially overkill...that and I think he'd get lit up at US Cell.
  8. QUOTE (Jose Paniagua @ Jan 28, 2015 -> 12:44 PM) This is like Kirk Hinrich returning to Chicago. Fans remember when they were banking a lot on a guy and it didnt result in great things. And they carry this feeling into the new situation, when the reacquired guy is low risk and ...not-meaningful...anymore. He should be treated on a second go around as simply what his new role is, no more no less. he should be given #16, not #15 to reflect this new reality
  9. fmartija

    Keith Law's farm system rankings

    i would hope that getting a full draft of #4 pick (per round, generally speaking) would bump us much higher in the farm standings!
  10. fmartija

    How can the White Sox possibly lose money?

    QUOTE (LDF @ Jan 27, 2015 -> 03:49 PM) i will not discuss #1 with you.... my problem with shield is his performance in the playoff. he is requesting how much and then look at his performance....... ok, let me revise my #1. spending a bunch of money on a guy who is 33 years old is inefficient, and is money poorly used.
  11. fmartija

    How can the White Sox possibly lose money?

    James Shields would be a horrible signing on many fronts. 1) no money 2) penchant for giving up homers - especially in this park? 3) old(er)
  12. fmartija

    How can the White Sox possibly lose money?

    why would we burden ourselves with the financial health of the white sox? I watch baseball to enjoy a game, not to speculate on their profits. Leave that to the 'real world'.
  13. the truly successful teams have a nice mix of homegrown players, a couple of key free agents, and a seemingly endless supply of players that can replace the homegrown players when they hit free agency and become too expensive. we know from experience that draining the farm of all talent can only work so long before you are an aging team full of paralyzing contracts.
  14. yeah, when i said "type A", "type B" free agent, it was always also in reference to receiving sandwich picks.
  15. fmartija

    Avisail Garcia

    someone please give me the 'scouting report' on why we feel he has so much potential? Sometimes it feels like everyone gets giddy just because he had the "Little Miggy" nickname....