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  1. Sleepy Harold

    Gallo to NYY

    In case anyone was curious of the cost, here's the updated ranks from BA.
  2. Sleepy Harold

    Trade Deadline Thread

    I suppose this would help explain the A's sending Luzardo back.
  3. Sleepy Harold

    Trade Deadline Thread

  4. Sleepy Harold

    Trade Deadline Thread

    Seattle is a threat for anything with Jerry Dipoto at the helm. There may not be anyone in baseball that loves trading as much as Jerry.
  5. Sleepy Harold

    7/24 Games

  6. Sleepy Harold

    2021 White Sox draft selections and signings thread

    yeah it seems that way, James laid it out nicely here.
  7. Sleepy Harold

    Al’s Cheesy Beef

    It was just annoying when the board was spammed with their posts (and some treating it as gospel) 30 seconds after a tweet.
  8. Sleepy Harold

    Bowden mentions Sox potential interest in Frazier

    Here's another ridiculous ask on the twitters if y'all are in for another good chuckle.