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  1. Sleepy Harold

    The TLR Manager Thread

  2. Sleepy Harold

    The TLR Manager Thread

  3. Sleepy Harold

    May 13th Games

    They hit what, four 3R HRs tonight? The Sox essentially made Birmingham the island of misfit toys this year, but they're all coming out of the gates scorching hot. Love to see it.
  4. Sleepy Harold

    May 13th Games

    Hansen pitched and had 3 more walks. Dude just hasn't been able to find the plate since 2017, really sucks to see.
  5. Sleepy Harold

    2021 MLB Draft Thread

    This particular mock has the Sox selecting Wes Kath
  6. Sleepy Harold


    Like @DirtySox said, once his Visa issues are resolved, he's expected to join Birmingham.
  7. Sleepy Harold

    zack collins

    Those points are valid and catchers should obviously focus on trying to prevent as many as they can. Looking at the stats, the Sox are tied for second with 7 other teams with 4 PBs, which isn't great (Marlins lead the league with 6). They also check in at 26th with 7 WPs this season (the Tigers are in first with a whopping 25). While the PB portion could absolutely use some shoring up, the Sox and their Cs seem to be doing a great job at limiting WPs. It would be interesting to see if there is any direct correlation on the way C's set up leading (or not leading) to more WP/PBs.
  8. Sleepy Harold

    zack collins

    Btw, not that this matters at all, but I'm currently watching the Rockies Cardinals game. The Rockies had men on and Yadi was dropping down to a knee to receive the pitch. So it seems that even Yadi utilizes this technique, even with runners being on base.
  9. Sleepy Harold

    zack collins

    Players aren't running nearly as much on the base paths as they used to. So if they theoretically aren't a threat to run, wouldn't it be more advantageous as a catcher to put yourself in a better position to steal pitches for your pitcher? Bc two HOF C's (I'm guessing Yadi will be in there) caught one particular way doesn't mean that way will work for everyone.
  10. Sleepy Harold

    Albert Pujols

    No amount of logic and reasoning can deter TLR from getting what he wants.
  11. Sleepy Harold

    2021 MLB Catch-all Thread

  12. Sleepy Harold

    May 5th Games

  13. Sleepy Harold

    May 4th Games

    Rutherford bomb
  14. Sleepy Harold

    May 4th Games

  15. Sleepy Harold

    May 4th Games

    Benyamin Bailey singled to RF for his first stateside hit