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  1. reiks12


    Im still not convinced Rodon can stay healthy for a full season, he has never shown that to be possible. Maybe his delivery helps a ton but Larussa is still throwing him out there for 100+ pitches a game. I cant fault him for that as hes deserved every inning this season, but hes going to enter a workload he has never experienced before.
  2. reiks12

    5/7: Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City 7:10 PM CDT

    So happy i can only follow on gameday
  3. reiks12

    5/7: Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City 7:10 PM CDT

    When was our last hit?
  4. reiks12

    5/7: Chicago White Sox @ Kansas City 7:10 PM CDT

    The offense has given up on Larussa, its getting obvious
  5. reiks12

    Royals/Sox pitching match-ups

    With our starting pitching we better hope for all the DHs we can get. We have a big advantage in that regard.
  6. reiks12

    Playoff odds

    Lets not kid ourselves, the Twins are going to go on a massive run sometime this season and get back into it. I do love these meltdowns however
  7. reiks12

    Albert Pujols

    Unfortunately our owner doesnt care what people think. I believe he gets a kick out of making everyone mad, hes been doing it for 30 years in multiple sports.
  8. reiks12

    Albert Pujols

    We all know hes coming here, i kind of hope he does for the drama
  9. reiks12

    Sox rotation so far

    After thinking about this more its just Kopech right now, but since hes on an innings limit that might be an issue down the road. All 5 of our SP are doing very well, so if one gets hurt you could slot in a AAA starter in the 5th spot every now and again towards the end of the season if Kopech has to be shut down. Thats assuming someone gets hurt however.
  10. reiks12

    Sox rotation so far

    1-2 of our SP will either get hurt or get tired this year, having the depth is a very big plus.
  11. reiks12

    Playoff odds

    What are our odds without Robert now? A 4-5 WAR player replaced by the likes of BIlly Hamilton? Twins will bounce back. Indians are the Indians and will always be in games. Tony fucking Larussa.
  12. reiks12

    The TLR Manager Thread

    Relax Tony
  13. Our whole starting OF is hurt
  14. reiks12

    The TLR Manager Thread

    We are 16-13 and I feel like this seasons lost. I know it isn't, but it feels that way with the clubhouse drama and LaRussa. This is the most confused I have ever felt as a fan, because its not the play on the field I am so irate about. Hamilton and Leury are in positions that they shouldn't be in. I find them frustrating but I understand their limitations, and I don't fault them for being so bad. I guess my issue comes with the overwhelming feeling that this organization is a mess. From the reports that our minor leaguers don't get the coaching and preparation needed, the front office talking shit about the fans on a consistent basis, the rumors about Jerry saying second place is where he wants to be, the indefensible hire of a 76 year old with legal and drinking issues who is out of touch with the game, the lack of spending, the lack of trust in analytics, and the weekly embarrassing moments that happen on and off the field. Its all so tiresome. The injuries that have been plaguing this team havent helped either of course. This year was supposed to be a real treat, and in a lot of ways it has. Mercedes, Kopech, Rodon, Cease, the list goes on. There is a lot to be happy about even with all the injuries, but the bad is just overwhelming and distracting. A new front office and ownership would really be a breath of fresh air. This TLR debacle is incredibly frustrating because we are stuck with it.