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  1. soxfan18

    10 Game Pass

    I heard from someone that their rep told them in early April that the 10 game packs wouldn't be usable until the May 11th series.
  2. soxfan18

    Sox @ Cleveland 4/21 postponed

    Not a ton of snow, but more than nothing.
  3. soxfan18

    Question about attending double headers?

    Split DH for 7 inning games is absolutely ridiculous.
  4. soxfan18

    White Sox winner!

    The roof is just an umbrella, it's still fully open air with it on. It doesn't close the building, like say Miller Park or Chase Field.
  5. Yeah, put it this way, they didn't "lose" $40 million, rather they missed the opportunity to make the $40 million they were already accounting for. When I see the word "loss" in terms of money I attribute that to "already had". They never actually had that money.
  6. soxfan18

    City Connect Jersey?

    LOOK: Red Sox unveil yellow, Boston Marathon-inspired 'City Connect' jerseys for 2021 season - CBSSports.com Interesting...
  7. Way more to this thing than death. My fiance is a very fit & healthy 28 year old. She had it October, and every month since has had a day or two where she can't breathe. This will never be "just the flu." There could be lifelong effects to those who get it, some we may not know about for decades.
  8. https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/coronavirus/illinois-rapidly-moving-toward-new-bridge-phase-of-covid-reopening-plan-pritzker-says/2468023/
  9. soxfan18

    Fans at opening day? Fans at Opening Day! (confirmed)

    She's totally in over her head. The city's pandemic response has been dreadful.
  10. soxfan18

    Fans at opening day? Fans at Opening Day! (confirmed)

    Lori continues to do everything in her power to guarantee she doesn't get reelected.
  11. It's the same hat,1951-63. Writer couldn't be more wrong. The current hat is a timeless classic to never be replaced again.
  12. soxfan18

    T-Mo Free MLB TV Sign up March 30th

    Bad idea, Twins TV territory so you'd lose all those games.
  13. soxfan18

    The 1972 non-move to the AL East

    Cubs/Cards was just one example. Maybe Yankees/Red Sox was a better one.
  14. soxfan18

    Double Header & Extra Innings

    It'll happen next year in the new CBA.