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  1. kingranch

    4/18 Games

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Apr 18, 2018 -> 12:40 PM) Looks like he got hit around hard though with 4 2B & a HR allowed. the HR was an inside the park HR. also heard there was a bunch of defensive "errors" that don't show up on stat sheet based off twitter reports but ruin the ER
  2. kingranch

    4/7 Games

    QUOTE (flavum @ Apr 7, 2018 -> 07:46 PM) Also 40 degrees in Chattanooga. Probably a good night to pitch. it warmed up to 40? I heard 32 and then with wind chill was below that. tough on all players I bet
  3. kingranch

    08/23 Games

    QUOTE (BigHurt3515 @ Aug 23, 2017 -> 07:26 PM) I think Dunning is running out of gas at this point that's what was said about kopech too mid season
  4. kingranch

    8-16 Games

    QUOTE (2005thxfrthmmrs @ Aug 17, 2017 -> 01:16 PM) I've been saying it for a while, I think Eloy is he safest prospect in this organization. I have a hard time seeing him not put up Nelson Cruz (the younger version) type numbers. While Moncada has a spacious ceiling and could be a Robbie Cano or Tim Raines, he's just as likely to be come a Jurrickson Profar or Byron Buxton. I would be Eloy over Moncada in my list. safest as in becoming a star MLB player? safest as becoming average player? How would you rank Kopech? Safe as in a starting pitcher? Or just as a solid pitcher (relief or starter)? I would say with the adjustments he has made in the second half that he will be a pretty good pitcher. Now whether he is a starter or shut down pitcher in bullpen I am not sure
  5. kingranch

    Zack Collins/Eloy Jimenez promoted

    Kopech should start on the 18th
  6. kingranch

    7-21 Games

    QUOTE (mac9001 @ Jul 21, 2017 -> 05:09 PM) Next in line for a promotion to AAA should probably be Jordan Guerrero. Given Stephens limited time in AA and the fact his peripherals are not conducive of his ERA it would be appropriate to keep him there longer. so you would hold him down for what might happen instead of what he is actually doing?
  7. kingranch

    Q trade

    Yall's opinion on the haul? Eloy Jimenz Dylan Cease Matt Rose Bryant Flete
  8. kingranch

    7/11 Games

    QUOTE (Feeky Magee @ Jul 12, 2017 -> 10:53 AM) Matt Cooper too. he has been on inactive list for a few weeks now
  9. kingranch

    4/12 Games

    I am glad some people are watching the game instead of just relying on box score. You can see a whole different story by watching
  10. kingranch

    7/6 Games

    looking at milb.com and it looks like Adams has a good game and then implodes the next and back to 2 good games. His last 10 games ER have been: 6,2,1,5,2,0,7,0,2 and 5. I expect a good game today
  11. kingranch

    7/6 Games

    yea I said same thing about burdi. He wasn't even dominating Hi-A. I heard his fastball is flat
  12. kingranch

    2016 Minor League Catch-All thread

    Just saw Burdi was promoted to AA. Surprised they moved him up so fast considering he wasn't shutting down Hi-A hitters
  13. kingranch

    7/4 Games

    saw this on twitter. Article on Jordan http://www.milb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=2...lb&sid=milb
  14. kingranch

    7-1 Games

    Fulmer now has back to back 7 innings 0 ER starts. Hopefully something clicked and he is more consistent
  15. kingranch

    6/29 Games

    Jordan Stephens has thrown 5 straight quality starts with a 1.74 ERA in those starts