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  1. So the Sept 19 date will work to our advantage assuming the stars align....:)
  2. But dont they have to be on the MLB roster by such and such a date to qualify for post season?
  3. So lets assume we grind the 3 key injuries out and take the division, they return say Mid August, is there enough of the season in Charlotte to allow them some rehab starts? IIRC they are done shortly after Sept 1 correct?
  4. Good point, at my age of 61 I use strictly dumbells instead of barbells for bench, even those can have not so good end result
  5. Ive been in the gym biz since 1988 and I gotta say that sometimes having the collars on a barbell can be the worst thing. I can attest its a sicking feeling to be stuck under a heavy load and no one around to help
  6. Last yr a guy at the gym started yelling HELP and he was stuck under the bench press about 300LBS, I went running over to help and guess what I pulled a hammy trying to get the bar off his chest, what a cluster that was, but my Dr told me NO lifting for 2 months as the reoccurance rate for hammys was high without strict adherence so this is 100% truth
  7. The Grinder

    Yerminator campaigning for HR Derby opportunity

    As hopeful as I was he wasnt a flash in the pan, (which I hope he still isnt) I really like the guy and hope he can stick around at least until the AL figures him out
  8. The Grinder

    Limit of 13 pitchers back in place next season...

    How true, I bet we could free up a space for him :)
  9. The Grinder

    Limit of 13 pitchers back in place next season...

    Wonder where Ohtani would fit in?
  10. The Grinder

    Tony La Russa tied for 2nd in all time wins!

    What no Terry Bevington? Must be an omission.....
  11. The Grinder

    Who are the White Sox Rivals?

    As we know the cubs are the more popular team esp in my neck of the woods (literally) but I have to say that MOST IE 51% maybe more cub fans are pretty nice people, as a lot of my good friends are. In 05, I had 3 other people (cub fans) watching the Sox at my house polish off Houston and to be honest they were as happy as I was a Chicago team finally could hoist a WS trophy. But yes no doubt you have to consider them a rival despite the league differences..
  12. The Grinder

    What music have you bought lately ?

    I'm a head banger from way back, but havent bought any music as of late but when I do its Metallica, Korn, Slipknot etc
  13. The Grinder

    Vaughn to IL, Sheets up

    My Dr is onboard w me getting vaxed, however he also understands my hesitancy....
  14. The Grinder

    Who are the White Sox Rivals?

    I understand the cub thing and I'm happy when they lose but not cubessed. Here in the Rockford area I notice the cubs get all the attention on local TV when they win but the same media seems to forget them when they lose......strange eh??!!