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  1. Dominikk85

    That's a shutout in KC White Sox Winner

    Which is a good thing, innings 7-10 is when you want to Defensively replace Vaughn if you have a lead. That will cost him an at bat here and there but still is a good decision. What was really bad was the one game were Vaughn came in as a defensive replacement:).
  2. Dominikk85


    I think he could be signed for something like 4/45 (if he finishes the year strong) . Would be a good deal for both, rodon has made his money in case he falls apart again next year and the team that signs him gets upside and in case he falls apart you can still manage the loss. He certainly does have an increased injury risk that would prevent a big contract but the upside is still not super easy to find (he was a no 3 pick for a reason)
  3. Dominikk85

    Albert Pujols

  4. Dominikk85

    Albert Pujols

    There are also rumors that pujols is 3-4 years older than his birth certificate
  5. Dominikk85

    Sox rotation so far

    Listened to a podcast with eno sarris and eno is a bit down on giolito. Eno has some command and stuff plus metrics and he said currently Lucas grades very bad in the command plus and also his stuff plus is down, especially fastball spin and ride. He said the command issue comes and goes with him so that is not a huge deal but the stuff plus is a bit worrisome. I wonder if maybe the new ball is some issue for him?
  6. Dominikk85

    The TLR Manager Thread

    I wonder if Jerry and TLR could save face by giving Tony a young, sabermetrically leaning bench coach who reminds tony to pull a tired starter or pinch hit for billy hamilton. We all know jerry calls the shots and not Hahn so Hahn basically has to carefully talk Jerry into such an idea so Tony can finish the season, Jerry and Tony save face and then Tony retires in the off season and the young guy takes over.
  7. Dominikk85

    The TLR Manager Thread

    QIt is a dumb take that this in on TLR. Once it was 1st and 3rd and nobody out the chance to win was down to like 5% anyway. Maybe they should have walked him but it was essentially over when they didn't score. The real bad thing was Leury stealing, with Hamilton up without the steal Tim would have had another crack at it. I also would have preferred collins over Billy there so if you Want to blame TLR it is for not pinch hitting for Billy Hamilton but once it is first and third and nobody out that game was already lost. If You think that pitching to winker changed the game odds significantly think again, we are maybe talking 3% win chance was 5% here. Bases Loaded And No Out Or 1st and third and no out both means you have almost no chance to prevent a run scoring.
  8. Dominikk85

    The Andrew Vaughn LF Thread

    Is he? Those teams are not good the next 2-3 years so getting a soon 28 yo wouldn't help them so much as he will be like 31+ when they are good again. Yermin is attractive for a contender with a hole in their line up who need a DH the next 2-3 years. Obviously the Pirates or Rockies could get him as a trade chip in case he proves to be the next Nelson Cruz but I would guess they would prefer 20-23yo prospects who can actually help their big league club in 3 years or so when their tank job is over
  9. Dominikk85

    The Andrew Vaughn LF Thread

    So far Vaughn is average by statcast outs above average which is great. He has made every 1 and 2 star play Opportunity that he got. I will Say he got a little Lucky though as he hasn't gotten a single 3 or 4 star opportunity and only, 2 5 star ones which he didn't catch. I'm not expecting him to make 5 star plays (even the top fielders make only like 30% of them) but the real test Will be when he gets the 3 and 4 star opportunities. He did get Lucky that balls were hit out of his range or at him basically. Still it is a good thing that he does make the routine outs it could have been a lot worse and I think at least for this year he is OK. Obviously long term he is too slow for the Of but he seems to have good instincts and not getting nervous out there
  10. Dominikk85

    Sox rotation so far

    Really the surprise of the year. Their top3 looked good but after that it was pretty questionable but so far the rotation has been lights out, and the back of the rotation even outperformed the top. Rank in AL War 1st ERA+ 1st K-bb% 3rd Fip 1st IP 6th (would be second without all the rain outs) Rotation is good and going deep into games. Good start for Katz, now he just needs to get the pen back on track (9th in ERA but 5th in fip)
  11. Lots of talk about the training staff but I wonder if you can really blame them. Eloy was a freak/idiotic play incident and and flexor strain can happen. Same applies to Tim's strain early in the season, that can happen when it is early and cold. I'm more concerned about the pitcher injuries. The sox had a relatively good pitcher health stretch in the early to mid 2010s but in the last years it got quite bad with lots of injuries. I don't think the sox training staff is bad but maybe it is not Completely top of the line? Then again I'm not sure if this is even a puzzle that can be resolved. The Yankees hired "super guru" Eric cressey and so far there is not a huge effect an Yankees still get injured all the time. Maybe @ptatc can say what the state of the art is and if there even is a solution for that or whether baseball players just get injured?
  12. Depends what you mean with quality prospects but I'm sure at least two outfielders younger than 32 (marte,Polanco, maybe even pederson when the cubs continue to suck) that are not washed up will be traded this deadline without costing a 50 or better FV prospect.
  13. I agree, no team can cover that. Still I think it was a mistake to not get at least one guy after the eloy injury because you could not have assumed that Vaughn is acceptable out there. Vaughn could have flopped defensively and then you would have needed another guy anyway. The roster was quite imbalanced to begin with due to all the 1b/DH guys and really the outfield was Robert, Eaton, a utility infielder and a very slow first baseman. That is not a good recipe. Regarding Robert I'm sure he will come back strong.
  14. Is that so? Imo prices are not created by need but with what the second highest bidder wants to pay. Hahn has proven several times that he is willing to do nothing when the price is not right (last deadline the sox definitely would have needed a RF and a DH and Hahn did nothing) so if the teams want prospects they need to take what they can get. Modern baseball owners Don't "need" to win, they will invest a certain amount and if it is not enough they just accept that they will lose. Jerry would love to win a WS but he is not willing to go into the red for that and in the end that means teams are not bidding against themselves. Maybe that was different 20 years ago when teams like the Yankees wanted to win at all cost but nowadays even the Yankees and dodgers are money conscious and only willing to go so far (see luxury tax). Generally all teams are now very stingy with prospects and won't pay much more than surplus value and the second highest bidder dictate. I mean what are the pirates going to do if Hahn is willing to walk away with nothing and nobody bids higher?
  15. Is that so? Tauchman was super cheap. I feel position players over age 27 with two or less years of control tend to be super cheap when it comes to prospects unless they are absolute elite and even elite rental position players don't tend to yield a big haul (see what the dodgers paid for Machado). I don't know a name but isn't there some decent 29-31 year old who is going to be a free agent after this season who is decent but won't cost a ton (let's Say a 45fv and a 35+ lotto ticket) ? There are so many tanking teams looking to unload for prospects.