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AAP: Joel Booker

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I saw that Garfien stuff. Booker is 24-years-old and back in High A. It's better than the alternative but I'm not sure he's really a prospect 

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I was going to ask the same question, which "Donaldo" asked: How good is he defensively? How is his arm, in terms of both strength and accuracy? He has played CF, more than any other outfield position. Does he get good reads and take good routes? Or, perhaps he has simply gotten by, because of his speed. 

In reading more about him, apparently he made some pretty significant adjustments with his swing and approach, over the winter. Given his age, he'll turn 25 in November, I'd like to see him fast tracked, in an effort to see what the Sox really have, in him. The Best CF candidates, in the organization are Robert and Basabe, but they are both probably too young to be counted upon, for a couple more years. Could Booker provide an alternative to Engel, Cordell and Leury, as early as next season?

He has been pretty consistent, all year, and this promotion to AA is off to a fantastic start. I'm intrigued!!!!

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