During the broadcast, Harry stated his group didn’t have a credible bid (or the level of operating capital) compared to the $20M purchase bid and wealth of DeBartolo, so that wasn’t the source. Ed DeBartolo Sr. purchased the 49ers in 1977, gave the team to his son to run, and they won 5 Super Bowls under family ownership (his Daughter is the current owner). He also purchased the Penguins, who won the Stanley Cup over the Hawks in 1991 (he sold the team after the Cup in the Fall). He wasn’t a penny pinching player and fan hating turd like JR. White Sox baseball would have improved greatly under his stewardship. Harry could have stayed after the purchase, but refused to stay under JR’s failed scheme to put games on pay per view. Harry said it was bad for baseball, bad for the fan base, and as a result he went to the Cubs on WGN. The town went from a 50/50 fan base under Veeck/Wrigley to a 67/33 split under JR. JR’s pay per view scheme failed miserably. Harry was/is very popular with the fans, something Reinsdorf resented it, even though it would make him more $. Also hated the fact Harry spoke his mind, and wouldn’t be a yes man / company man at all times and would rip the owners when they deserved it.  JR prefers an arrogant announcer who hates the fan base, kisses his ass at all times, and spews the ownership line 100% of the time. Steve Stone is his guy. https://www.si.com/mlb/whitesox/history/white-sox-the-legacy-of-sportsvision Even Hawk Harrelson was left speechless after realizing what vile vindictive scum JR was/is after what he said after the Sox clinched in 1983.